I stare into the mirror,
two blue eyes stare back at me,
they are filled with the innocence of my generation,
and the endless knowledge I seek.
I wear a hat,
my new safety blanket,
I don't need the hat though,
it is just a reminder,
I am allowed to do what I want,
I can be whoever I want,
I am a good person,
pretty, though not exquisive,
but that is okay,
I am a knowledge seeker,
and that is okay.
But I don't need to make sure someone is happy,
so I can justifiy my own happiness,
and I don't need reassurance all the time,
I am who I am,
and people will accept it
or they won't.
But right now, I am one of the happiest I have ever been,
and this time, this happiness is going to stay.
I am not letting the negativity from before drag me under again.
I will survive,
and do what ever I want to do,
and not what someone tells me to.
I am no one's puppet. I am just Amanda.
I am free to ask my questions,
like I did when I was a kid,
and learn over and over,
the mysterious of life,
and meet great life long friends,
on the journey to find who I am