Screwed Up
I glance around,
I messed up again,
I always mess up
I always make people mad,
I never learn.
i do things i shouldn't
or maybe should
to help myself,
so, I can get better,
but then I agonize over them.
I am stupid,
and a nonentity,
trying to be something.
I will never be anything,
except a nobody,
one who doesn't deserve the friends she has
I can't help myself though,
I am a lost cause
messed up beyond belief.
I claim to need friends,
but then shove them violently away.
Sometimes they come back,
wondering why I make them prove their friendship.
But they shouldn't come back.
I am trash,
no good,
broken beyond repair,
I need to be thrown out,
I question my purpose here,
but am a coward,
So, I remain here,
looking for the small beams of light,
that can lead me out of the darkness
permanentaly clouded over my eyes