On their feet, the crowd would cheer

For brave Sir William

The knight who knew no fear

His colours were vermilion

None could defeat this knight

None wanted to face Sir William

He would never back away from a fight

His colours were vermilion

Lady Tabitha, as beautiful as she was greedy

Watched him from the crowd, Sir William

For that knights love she was needy

His colours were vermilion

Women flocked to him

When he won, brave Sir William!

Ready to do his every whim

His colours were vermilion

But of this he would take no part

For it was only one

Who had captured his heart

It was her who was to bear his son

"Scandal" Was what the crowd cried

Lady Tabitha looked quickly at Sir William

She turned to leave and softly sighed

Her gown was vermilion

He watched her leave

And pushed through the adoring flock

And caught her by a trailing sleeve

She turned around in shock

A smile passed across her lips

As she looked upon the purse of gold

That bulged upon his hips

And his fine horse that could be sold

He smiled too when he saw

Her amazing beauty, eye to eye

Her face was free of any flaw

Her eyes as blue as a cloudless sky

Her took her slender hand in his own

Time stood still

And the colour in her cheeks had grown

The only sound was a distant mill

"My Lady" He whispered silently

"My Lord" She replied

Than he asked "Will you marry me?"

And for her response, she cried

A fortnight later was the wedding

William smiled at his bride

Her shyness she was shedding

Instead she glowed with pride

A year passed by

They lived in a dream-world

Of a love that would never die

Their lives planned out for them like a rug unfurled

Then a midwife proclaimed the news

"A son is born! A son is born to Tabitha and William!

Spread the word, messengers, not a moment to lose!

A son is born to the knight in vermilion."

Robert was what they named the boy

They feasted throughout the night

Lavish gifts and expensive toys

And to honour him, William would be in one last fight

Tabitha held up her baby for all to see

He saw his father joust

He laughed and giggled with glee

His cheer was the loudst'

Tabitha held her baby up higher

"Behold the son of William!

His hair the colour of fire

See, and honour the son of the knight in vermilion!"

They travelled home that night

They danced and sang along the way

William stopped at a tavern to stop a fight

Tabitha travelled alone for the rest of the day

William rode home on a tired old nag

He staggered inside his grand house

He went through the rooms putting valuables in a bag

He thought to himself "Such shame! I have lost a joust!"

Tabitha saw her husband and screamed

"What has happened, my William, my dear?

I have only seen you like this in my most horrid dreams!

He collapsed on he shoulder, his clothes reeked of beer

"My darling wife, I fear we are ruined!

We have lost everything, take off those fine gloves!

We have nothing left, no home to live in

We have lost all except…except our love…"

Tabitha gasped and screamed

"No!" She cried "How can this be?"

Already a plan she was beginning to scheme

"I lost a joust" Said he

She went and put on her finest, of all hope she was bereft

She then took out William's sharpest knife

"I'm so sorry, my son, we have nothing left"

And with those words she took her own life

William went to his room to see his wife

He called her name, and heard no reply

Then he saw, in her chest, his finest knife

He held Robert close, kneeled by her body, and started to cry