Author's Note: So this is my wonderful story (book?). And it so happens to be filled with stupidity and typoes and all sorts of things like that. And I have a much better copy offline, so I'm going to reload.

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Us, Them, and Those

Friday, August 20, 2004

Dear Diary,

In the world there are three types of people: Us, Them, and Those. Us are unpopular people, and Them are popular. Those are everyone in between, like Goths or Stoners, not popular but not freaks. Or at least there are these three types of people in my world, the school world.

I'm a Them. I'm one of the most popular people in the school, best friends with Dez Carter, even though I'm in seventh grade, and she's in eighth. All the little kids look up to me. Boys are practically lined up to go out with me. My boyfriend is Bobby Brey, and he is the most loving and loyal boyfriend anyone could ask for. I'm vice president on student counsel and next year everyone is positive I'll be president. I've got a million friends, and everyone wants to be me.

Oh, wait, that was only my dream last night.

A true Us,

Katie Draper