The daylight was quickly fading as I was shuffled back to my room. Back to the kind of room they put people like me in. the people who know too much. The attendant pushed me gently, but quickly into my room, shutting and locking the large, heavy, white door. The four white plaster walls were almost gray in the dimming light. I sat on my cot, and stared out the window.
The trees that surrounded the grounds had begun to darken with the setting sun, covering the hospital, Newton Psychiatric Hospital. I knew I wasn't crazy, I knew there wasn't a thing wrong with me. I knew they had put me away for no good reason. I knew half the people here were in fact crazy, but the other half were just like me. Shadows skittered through the trees in the flickering light.
Rain poured down, lightning flashed, and thunder shook as the tiny car passed under the overhang, the rain stopping for a moment in time. Music blared and the driver banged her head to the beat. The girl sitting in the passenger seat sat quietly, silently singing the song the driver was bouncing around to. Her head pressed to the back of the seat and she rested her eyes for a moment. Feeling the car jerk, the girl opened her eyes to the blinding headlights she was faced with.
My eyes snapped open. Light spilled into the room as a dark figure was pushed into the room, the door quickly shutting behind her. I played sleeping. The shadowed girl climbed into her cot opposite me, and I could see her glazed eyes through the darkness.

"I know you're awake," she said in the cynical voice she always used with me. I had no intention of replying in hopes she'd go to sleep and leave me alone to think, "Why won't you talk to me?" she asked in a softer, hurt voice. I ignored her and blinked remembering the dream that had woke me. It was a dream I'd had more than a few times in the past week. I knew I could ignore it no longer. I knew I couldn't ignore it or someone was bound to get hurt, and I possibly saved the girl from my dreams last week. something told me I had to save this one too. She needed to be rescued. I kept my breath at a regular pace, keeping it as steady as possible. She gave a sigh and yawned. It wasn't a long wait until I could hear her snores. I drifted back to sleep knowing she wasn't still awake.

~*~ *~*~

Dawn woke me with a start of coldness that penetrated my skin to the bone. I slipped out from under my warm blankets and the tile chilled my toes at contact. I quickly got out of yesterdays clothes and pulled on the t shirt and jeans lying on the floor, lain there by the attendant this morning when she unlocked my door. Destiny was still asleep in the cot to my left. I looked her over; her blonde hair had been cut since I had seen her the morning before. I opened the door and left her behind.

~*~ *~*~

The white walls dotted with the thoughts of crazy people lined the way to his office. To the office of the only one I ever talked to. I pushed on the brown door and it gave into my force, pushing inwards. He was sitting behind his desk and he didn't respond to my entry. I plopped into the chair in front of the little sign that read "Doctor Harrington" and sat Indian style. He pushed his glasses up and looked me over. I cocked my head at him and raised my chin then level my head again.

"Has anything interesting happened in the week since I last saw you?" he asked in his low, rough voice. I acted as if I was thinking hard, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I didn't want him to know I already knew he was going to ask me that, and that I had already thought of my answer.

"I had another dream," I stated after a few moments and he leaned in closer to me.

"What happened?" he asked urgently. I knew I could tell him, he was the only one who had ever listened to me. and didn't think I was crazy.

"A girl was in a car in the middle of a storm, driving along with the music loud," I paused remembering the vividness, I shivered as I softly spoke the rest, "she was about to be in a car crash." He wrote something down on his notepad. I held my breath my eyes wandering over him, looking for the body movement that would laugh in my face. He didn't say anything just nodded. He understood what had to be done; he'd do something to stop it from coming true. I just hoped it wasn't too late. I gave a sigh of relief and he switched the subject.

"Have you remembered anything more about your life, Salem?" he asked me, tapping his pencil on his notepad. Every week he asked me this, I didn't see the relevance though. I was never going to remember what happened in my past.

"Nothing," I said emotionless. His face gave way to disappointment.

By the time I left his office I had missed breakfast and I wandered into the main room. I had the privilege of being able to roam without an attendant, it was proof I wasn't crazy and that they knew that. Why else would they have let me go out on my own? Cartoons blared from the TV and a few patients were glued to it like they were three again. Destiny wandered into the room and I wandered out.

~*~ *~*~

I walked down the hall searching for the new girl, I had been wondering if she was crazy like the rest, or wrongfully accused like me. I checked with an attendant and found her room. Her door read 'Lucy' and I bounded into her room. She jumped to face the door and blinked at me. I looked her over. She was small, ice eyed, and brunette, but fierce. Her eyes met mine every time I looked into her own. I sat on her cot and reclined back.

"I'm Salem," I said.

"Lucy," she returned with a voice I would have figured to be quiet, but it wasn't.

"Why are you here?" I questioned.

"Same reason you are," she said smiling. I eyed her. what had she meant by that?

"I'm not crazy."

"Of course you are." She smiled again. I was irritated with her already and beginning to think she was a waste of my time.

"Where's your roommate?" I asked. She gave me a strange look.

"I don't have one."

~*~ *~*~

My feet carried me to the cafeteria, past the large glass windows, where the smell of lunch filled the air thick. It was a stench I had learned to get along with. I got a sandwich and searched for a place to sit. I spotted Destiny across the room eating her lunch happily with the rest of the non-crazies. I suddenly lost my appetite and threw my food away. I fled the room.

~*~ *~*~

I sprinted down the white hallway, past the pictures of flowers and scribblings of nothing and threw open the only brown door. Dr. Harrington was sitting exactly as I had left him. He looked up, startled at my appearance.
"Salem?" he asked as if he didn't recognize my face. I slammed the door and sat down in the seat I usually did. I was breathing hard and he got up and sat in the other chair that faced his desk, and faced me, "what's wrong?"

"I can't get away," I said shaking my head, I knew what I meant. in both ways I knew. I think he knew too.

"What can't you get away from?"

"Her," I almost cried, I was still breathing hard; my chest heaved up and down, faster and faster. My heart beat in my head and blood flowed hard through my veins.

"Her?" he asked as if he was clueless.

"My roommate!" I cried desperately, "Destiny!"

"Salem," he put his hand on mine. My head had ceased to pound, my heart and blood had frozen in time and I looked up at him, "you were in a car wreck. your sister Destiny died." I felt the hot tears slice down my cheeks. I closed my eyes, the pain consuming my entire body.