I stand
in an empty room.
It is silent.
The walls are white
and watchful.
As I cry
they do not try to comfort me
or make me stop.
They are as still as
I wish my
A scream fills
the space
between me and the walls.
It is menacing
loud, constant.
Make it stop
I want to say.
I cannot say anything
as red begins to stream
from the ceiling.
It is my blood.
I look down
at my many scars
and see them slowly
begin to
I smile
a sweet, secret smile.
The blood is flooding
my small room.
It whispers at my toes
and plays with my ankles
making its way up my body.
I laugh as it
drowns me.
I see a dark face
and embrace its kiss.
My soul rips free from my body.
I am in Heaven, I am in Hell.
And then
I wake

(A/N: I wasn't really thinking anything as I wrote this, just feeling...
comments appreciated.)