Of Sun and Starlight
Lorna Dwyer October 2004
The wind whistles through the trees,
Carrying memories of long lost dreams.
Of birthdays bright and young,
Of good and bad, of innocence lost.
The sun beats down through the trees,
Of happy memories and happy times.
When the light was bright and strong.
When love and trust were easy.
The starlight throw shadows into my room,
Carrying shadows that confuse.
Full of bad memories and fear,
Full of images I can't bare.
The moonlight filters into my room,
Of stronger light and lesser shadows.
Bringing sad times of my own making,
Bringing neither good nor bad.
Of sun and starlight I would choose neither,
I would choose the wind and the moonlight.
Though I can't escape any I choose freely,
Of memories gone and bad times behind me.
I cannot see the future and trust me the past is enough,
It's the past that shaped me but I won't let it rule me.
I cannot hid who I am no matter how hard I try,
So just being myself is hard enough.
Let the wind rush past you,
Let the sun warm you,
Let starlight make shadows,
Let moonlight be strong.
You cannot escape them,
They are apart of life.
Just don't let me rule you,
Rule them.