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"Lee, this is absolutely impossible." Kayline said yet again, and shoved her paper across to Leeane. They were at Leeane's house, who was trying to teach Kayline physics. Up till now, she'd had no more success than Finn had with Kayline, and was also struggling to control her impatience with Kayline's denseness.

"Jeez, Kay, this is almost an exact replica of the question I taught you barely five minutes ago. They just changed the values, that's all."

"What?!" Kayline demanded. "Why can't they just retain the same values then? They just want to torture me." She sulked and pulled the paper back towards her, and noted that it did seem to bear a certain resemblance to the question above.

"Yeah, well," Leeane shrugged. "Finn set this paper after all."

"I KNEW IT!" Kayline exclaimed. "Only HE would set this kind of murderous paper."

"Well... I'd say its slightly tricky, but I wouldn't call it murderous."

"You wouldn't," Kayline said, rolling her eyes. "You worship the ground that the guy walks upon, much less the papers that he sets." Leeane stuck out her tongue and playfully stuck a fist into Kayline's stomach, who immediately executed a dramatic mock faint.

"Finn's cute, Kayline, admit it," Leeane poked a finger at Kayline, who was still lying prone and unmoving on the floor.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kayline muttered without even opening her eyes. "That man has it in for me. He's making me go for physics remedial classes EVERYDAY after school." She moaned, and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Oh come on, Kay. You know that half the population in our school would have died to go in your place." Leeane grinned. "A one-on-one session with a cute guy is always interesting."

"Cute guy, my ass."

"He has a cool body too," Leeane mused. "You could see it when we dumped water on him at the beach. Shirt was sticking to him," she murmured, picturing the scene perfectly.

"Man, Lee, you're gonna start drooling if you're not careful." Kayline shook her head, amused at Leeane's dreamy expression.

"I am so NOT going to drool," Leeane stuck out her tongue, and flung her pillow at Kayline. Kayline, never one to take an attack sitting down, immediately hurled her pillow back at Leeane, who snatched it out of midair. Before they knew it, a pillowfight was underway, and feathers were soon floating through the room like some snow blizzard. Laughing, both girls fell onto the floor and let the feathers rain down on them.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Come on, Kay, we're going to be late for Finn's class if you don't hurry," Leeane snapped, leaning against the door of Kayline's locker as she rummaged through it for her physics notes.

"Well, not like I want to be on time anyway," Kayline retorted, and caught the exasperated look on Leeane's face. "But yeah, yeah, I know you want to make a good impression on him." She chuckled as Leeane's face turned red, and grabbed her physics textbooks before slamming her locker shut without even bothering to lock it first. "Alright. I'm done, let's go."

"Finally!" Leeane grumbled, and all but dragged Kayline into the auditorium.

"I told you he wasn't here yet..." Kayline pointed out as she scanned the room and didn't see him. But she followed Leeane as she made her way to the few remaining seats left. Within minutes, Finn entered, and cast a quick glance over the assembled mass of students, and felt a tinge of pleasure when he saw Kayline snoozing in her seat.

"Sorry I was a little late today," he said, shuffling his notes around. "Had some marking to finish first." The students, who had been chattering incessently, immediately quietened down upon his arrival. With the exception of Kayline, all were focused attentively upon him, some overly so. "Kayline, if you'd be as kind as to wake up, I'll be starting my lesson." Finn watched as Leeane jabbed Kayline to awakeness, and continued. "We'll be going through Kinematics and Dynamics today as part of your revision for the end year exams...."

Kayline sighed, and mentally turned Finn off in her mind, letting it roam instead. She began writing a note to Leeane, but Leeane was so absorbed in the lesson that she didn't even notice even when Kayline tapped her with the note. Ah wells, she thought, as usual. Kayline began to zone off yet again, but was abruptly jolted awake when she felt an excruciating pain on top of her head.

"Oww! What on earth was that for?!" Kayline growled, rubbing the top of her head and glaring at Leeane who was standing above her, holding her physics textbook.

"End of lesson, dumbass. Which also happens to be end of school."

"Oh. Right. That was fast," Kayline mumbled, glancing around the rapidly-emptying auditorium. Only Finn was at his table, collecting his books, and the pair of them.

"Yeah, obviously, as someone was so blatantly sleeping away," Leeane rolled her eyes. "You got to stay at remedial, right? I'll pop by your house later. I developed the photos for the class party already, will pass it to you later, yeah?"

"Sure, whatever. I still have to face two hours with that guy first." Kayline glanced over at Finn.

"You make it sound like its torture." Leeane grinned.

"Well duhh it is. So shut up and go home." Kayline snapped out, and watched mournfully as Leeane winked at her before slipping out of the auditorium. Sighing, she made her way to the front, and fixed Finn a look.

"Where's remedial today?" she asked dully, not really caring.

Finn shrugged. "We could have it here, if you like. There isn't a class scheduled here after this. Its more or less up to you, actually."

"I'd rather not have a remedial, thank you very much." Kayline retorted, and slumped down onto a chair in front of Finn.

"Well, you have to have remedial if all you're going to do in my class is sleep," he said pointedly, lowering himself to a seat as well, catching the fleeting guilt that flashed across her face.

"How about if you just give me a paper to do then I go home and do it?" Kayline asked hopefully, but Finn shook his head.

"I'm beginning to think that I know you too well, Kayline. I know exactly what you're going to do once you go home with it."

"Oh fine, now you don't trust me to do my work."

"As I said, I know you too well." Finn glanced up, and noticed Kayline's pout. She's amazingly cute when she does this, he thought.

"What?" Kayline asked, vaguely unsettled when Finn kept staring at her.

"Nothing. Do your physics," Finn ordered, embarrassed that he'd been caught staring at a student. And so the pair of them worked in silence, Kayline struggling to make sense of her physics, while Finn marked his papers, often looking up to observe her now and then. As time passed, the bell began to clang, signalling the end of remedial, and Kayline let out a whoop of glee before stuffing all her books back into her bag. Within seconds, she was already out of the door, with Finn still seated in his seat, staring contemplatively after her. With a sigh, he got to his feet, and stared out at the darkening sky for a moment before strolling to his car, a new one which he'd just purchased months earlier before being accepted at the school as a teacher. Droplets of rain had already fallen, and he quickly ducked into his car to avoid being drenched by the rain. Finn started the ignition, and drove slowly out of the school compound. As he was about to start in the direction of his house, he noticed a familiar figure in the far distance, in a direction opposite where he was headed. Without hesitation, or even thought at all, he reversed his car, stopped it beside Kayline, and rolled down the windows.

"You're going to get sick if you keep walking in the rain, Kayline. Hop in, I'll drive you home."

Kayline grinned at him, flipping her drenched hair back. "Nah, can't. I'll get your car wet. I'm already dripping, doesn't matter if it rains abit more. My house isn't that far anyway."

"Get in," Finn repeated. "Water dries, but it won't be as easy to rid yourself of the flu if you keep walking in the rain. Besides, its on the way." It was a lie, but that didn't matter. Kayline hesitated, then nodded her head in thanks as she moved inside. His car smelled of the cologne he usually wore, she thought. Kind of nice. "21 Havelock Road. Thanks." Finn nodded, and began to pull off in the direction she gestured.

"So... why didn't you bring an umbrella?" Finn asked, more to break the silence than out of any real curiousity.

"Sky looked fine when I came to school," Kayline shrugged, and pointed again when Finn came to a road junction. "Anyway it isn't the rainy season. Not yet, anyway. There, turn left. Yup. You can just stop here. Thanks again," she called as she slammed the door and jogged up her steps. Finn remained in the car, waited until she'd entered the house. And tried to restrain the impulse to run into her house with her. She's a minor, for god's sake. Get a grip on yourself, Finn, he ordered. She's at least 6 years younger than you are, and you are so not going to get involved with her. You cant. But even as he pulled out of the driveway, he knew it was impossible not to get involved with her.

For he had already fallen in love with her.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~