Make Me A Witness

If you are my father

you would save me,

you would end this

and me

with the strike of your hand

as though I were a little girl again

under my daddy's gruesome grin.

If you are my father

make me new again

and forgive me

of my burn

my sight

and my sway

that have leant their ears to me

instead of you.

If you are my father

finish me

and leave this soul-searching escapade

on the back step

of all of the people who have hurt me

and let them feel the wound

and bare the cross

that I have born

in the name of rebirth

and redemption.

Will I love in heaven?

feel flesh against my skin

comforting me

as I do below you

under your scrutinizing watch.


am I

under your judgment

because I still break down

and curse you name

casting my face to the sky

in the hopes that this darkness

and doubt would reseed from my eyes

and good intention would burn within me again.

If you are my father

you would do something

save them

save us

save me

not tarnish me

in the ways that others


then you


If you are my father

where is your arm

meant to go around me

and uplift me from this place.

I carry the weight

of cause

and crucible

before my eyes

and wait for you to make it beautiful.

If you are my father

you would leave me blind

and numb to all of this.



have left


in tacked

and me





My father

would cast the light upon me

and let me witness

my beauty

in the light of day.

I am beautiful

my father

I am what you have made me

my father.

My skin

aflame with the touch of a man

is beautiful.

My words

aflame with the sense of purpose

is beautiful.


is what you would have of me

my father

and my face turned

and eyes closed would keep that grin on your face.


my faith

would be made handsome within me again

and revealed

where I stand.

If you are my father

why can't you love me as I am?