In a country far away
There lived a dragon none could slay.
For no matter what they all would say.
It would simply not come out to play.

It stole no gold or maidens fair
Making dragons everywhere despair
It would not plunder and terrorize
In fact, they thought it was far too nice.

Ironclad knights and the king's third son,
Amazons with nothing on.
All these came to challenge the foe
And were met with a resounding 'no!'

Not from cowardice did he hide,
nor for pettiness or lack of pride.
The reason was no great thing:
Simply that he liked to sing.

'Madness' all the heroes cried
"Folly" all the dragons sighed.
For who had known of such a thing
As a mighty dragon that liked to sing?

Then one day all dragons were slain.
The heroes grew fat, their gifts now in wane.
But the singing dragon was famous and strong
And all that heard him loved him and his song.

My friends, what can we learn this day?
That those who blindly follow what others say
is but a copy of things that fade away.
Your path must by chosen, wrong or true

By you.