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Errant Angel

After many, many delays, chapter 7 is finally here. Hooray. I can honestly say that I'm not satisfied with this chapter, but I am absolutely not putting any morew work into it. Despite that, enjoy.

Melchior frowned softly, facing out from his balcony with a distracted look on his face. A dark, blasted landscape stretched out before him, spreading into eternity. Gouts of fire burst sporadically from the rocky terrain, providing the only real source of light other than the dull red glow that emanated from the boiling, black-clouded sky.

Running a hand through his long, touseled, shock white hair irritably, Melchior turned away from the ledge, facing into his lush bedroom, just through the balcony door. A rush of air and soft tapping of feet announced an arrival to his left. "My lord…" An oily voice hissed from near the tall man's feet.

"What is it, Samaz?" Melchior growled, his voice low and gravelly. He swept his hand through his hair again, tilting his head down at the robe-wrapped figure at his feet."

"Kiya's man…" the voice hissed again, issuing forth from the folds of cloth. "Piregh. He was killed."

One of Melichior's colorless eyebrows arched curiously. "Already? But today was supposed to be cleansing, humans only. Did the other side break the rules?"

The concealed figure shifted slightly, perhaps shaking its head. "I don't know, my lord. All I know is that no souls have arrived, and Kiya's man didn't report back."

The frown on Melchior's face deepend, and he nodded. "Very well, Samaz. You are dismissed." He murmured, starting forward.

Samaz hesitated for a moment, then spoke quietly. "Yes… there is but one more thing, my lord…" A footstep scuffed, and the low hiss of metal sliding over cloth reached Melchior's pointed ears.

Melichior's sword slid out of it's scabbard in one, fluid motion, guided by the swordsman's steady hand. Six feet of razor sharp metal tore into Samaz's side, sliced easily through flesh, cloth, and bone, severing the demon neatly in half and showering the area in a spray of blood..

The subtle vibrations caused by the assailants falling from above gave Melchior and early warning. He raised his blade high, and one unfortunate attacker didn't even have time to scream as the point of the blade bit into his chin, and upwards through his skull.

Three other demons hit the balcony, weapons at the ready. Melchior's sword left the suspended demon's skull in a clean slice that carried through the assasin in front of him, reducing the demon's body to halves.

The demon swordsman turned quickly, blade held out, a cut down two of the other attackers in one, fluid swing. The remaining demon's red eyes went wide, and he dropped his spear, falling to his knees, hands clasped together.

Melchior's sword pierced the coward's forehead, ending his life quickly. With a soft sigh, the demon swordsman flicked his blade out to the side, blood sliding off of it unnaturaly smoothly, leaving the blade spotless and gleaming in the pale, red light.

"Not bad." A soft, femenine voice called from the archway leading into Melchior's chambers. "Especially for a blind man."

Melchior turned his head towards the voice, his lips pressing into a tight line. "Kiya…" He began, his voice a low growl, "Did you send these…" He waved his sword about at the corpse strewn floor, "… assasins?"

"Of course I did." Kiya said airily, long, electric pink hair fanning out behind her as she crossed the threshold. "But don't take it badly, dear Melchior. I was just rooting out some of those who were, obviously, not loyal enough to you."
"Pah. Don't try to feed me that!" Melchior snarled, gripping the hilt of his blade with both hands. "You know damn well that you could convince anything less than a duke to stab himself in the face if he thought it would make you happy."

Kiya giggled mischeviously and, in a single, fluid movement, pressed her body against Melchior's. "Mmm… yes… that's probably true… but the only one I want to make happy is you…"

Melchior stiffened, tightening his grip until his knuckles turned white. Even if he lacked vision, Kiya's body moulded sensuously to his, her every, luscious contour melded to his. He smell assaulted his nostrils, and made him feel a bit light headed. "Kiya…" He said, less sternly than he had attempted, silently cursing his lack of control.

"Yes?" She purred, trailing a finger up his jawline. "Oh, but first. I have something interesting to tell you. You remember Aryuk? One of my dukes? The one you reccomended to me after I slaughtered my mother to take the rand of Princess?"

Melchior's tight lips curled into a frown. "Yes. He was ambitios, powerful, and ruthless… what about him?"

"He killed Piregh. Can you believe it? That leave me completely Duke-less…" Melchior could feel himself slowly behing guided into his room. Though he never moved his feet, he could feel the archway pass around him, and his bed draw ever closer.

"Kiya…" He said again, weaker still as her hand trailed down his neck and chest.

"I was thinking it might be time to go back to basics. Instead of all the mindless tournaments and contests to decide the next heirs to dukedom…" Her hand trailed furthur down, caressing his torso gently. "… I figured we could make one, right from pedigree stock." She wrapped her other arm around his neck, pulling her lips up, close to his ear. "Prince, and princess…coming together to rekindle a pure blooded generation… no more of those mongrels…" Her hand slid slow under his trousers, and down past his belt. She leaned close in to his ear, her lips brushing against it softly. "You feelin' me?" She whispered.

A smile found its way to Melchior's face. "A new race? Prince and princess?" He said, contemplatively.

She slid a bit down his body, remainding firmly pressed to him. "For you, of course, I could be nothing more than a succubus…" She murmured, her voice promising impossible things.

The merest of chuckles passed Melchior's lips. "You speak nonsense." He said, dismissively. He pushed her away from him, sending her backwards onto the bed. "But who am I to refuse an offer like that?" He grinned, dropping his blade to the side and loosening his belt.

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