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3. Enter the Power

Drakana pulled her fangs out of her mother's neck, watching as the body fell limp onto the ground. She licked her fangs. Revenge had never tested so sweet- with a tinge of sorcery. She smirked.

"You said I'd never become anything," she hissed. "You said I'd always be a failure. Well, you were wrong. Today, Mother dear, I killed you. Today, I became the greatest vampire ever to exist!" Drakana started to laugh, and for the first time, truly felt evil. Her old 'good intentions' were long gone. Drakana pulled put a black rubber band and slid it around her hair, binding it into a long ponytail.

*(Side note) What Drakana looks like:

Her hair was inky black with blue highlights. Her eyes were such a dark violet they looked black- a sure sign of vampirism. She was tall and thin, and if you saw her in the dark of the moon, her body was partially decayed. But if you saw her in normal light (assuming she went out sometimes) she looked human. She always wore black or dark hues, no matter what. After all, she was a vampire. And she was definitely not a prep.*

Drakana stood up and looked around. She put on her black leather jacket, complimenting her black tank top and jeans. She pulled on her sunglasses and walked outside, carefully keeping to the shade. Sunshine couldn't kill her, not anymore, but it could still weaken her if it got on a lot of her skin. Why do you think vampires are so pale? She walked out onto the sidewalk and looked around.

"Having fun?" asked a snide voice from behind her, freaking her out. A young boy came into a view. Drakana growled.

"What is it with you, jackass?" she spat, wanting to kill him. "You may be the youngest vampire ever, but that gives you no excuse to walk around freaking people out! What if somebody sees?" Her eyes lit up like flames, a sign that she was furious. Her nails glowed black with her power.

"Chill, Dra," he said breezily. How a vampire could be breezy? "Nobody knows. Besides, I'm merely a messenger today. King wants you to attend a meeting." Drakana stiffened and her power died.

"King?" she asked, her tone totally changed. She may be the greatest vampire, but King was the most powerful of all vampires and he had been for a millennia. One word, and she'd be dead.

"Yeah. You're busted," laughed Con. That son of a bitch. Drakana fought the urge to kill him then and there.

"If I get in trouble, you will pay, bastard," she snapped. Drakana didn't show it, but inside, she was nervous.

"Your skin's on the line. Not mine." Con jumped on his scooter and rolled away. No one in the vampire world believed that a scooter was suitable mode of transportation. It was about time somebody did something about it. Drakana closed her eyes. When she opened them, they were glowing black again. She pointed a finger at the back wheel, and a line of power streaked out of her finger to twist around the scooter. With a slight hand motion, she arranged for the wheels to come rolling off, at the perfect time to send Con flying into a mud pile. And, for good measure, she dumped a bit of cow shit on top of him. He turned to her, laughing eyes opened wide in- what was it? Fear or shock. She smirked and blew him a kiss before jumping on her black motorcycle and roaring away.

Drakana began to laugh again. Oh, half-death was good! Any creature who heard her laugh from miles around grew fearful, for a demon's laugh should never be heard by mortal creatures. Within twenty-four hours, all of them were dead. Drakana felt satisfied. Now, she could hope for a promotion, and maybe within a century, become the leader of a clan! King would- Oh, shit! Drakana fell over, flopping onto the side of the road. KING! What the fuck was she going to do?

"Are you ok?" came a guy's voice. She looked up and saw that someone was leaning down to give her hand. She took it, not sure what she was doing and feeling a slight burning sensation as his hand grabbed hers.

"I saw your bike go down. You're lucky, you know. Not many people could come off of that without a scrape," the guy started talking randomly.

"Who're you? The car mechanic?" she invented lamely, looking for an excuse to get out while picking up her cycle.

"No, I'm just your average neighborhood Spiderman!" the guy joked pathetically.

"Whatever," said Drakana, jumping onto her motorcycle and starting it up.

"Wait! I'm Spencer. I just moved here," the guy said. "What's your name?"

"You wish," said Drakana, roaring away. She had felt something from that kid. Kinda like.a power force she'd only felt once before. No. It couldn't be. Drakana looked down quickly at her right hand. Sure enough, there was a symbol burned on there from several seconds ago. A symbol shaped like a crescent moon.

"Oh, shit," whispered Drakana, "Shit. Holy god damned shit." It had begun.

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Sorry I had to leave off at a cliffhanger, but they're good things, you know. Spencer is not the only guy in this fic. He was placed in there to introduce something- but what? Keep reading. That is, if you want to find out.