By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some who still have hope.
And,there are some who have no hope.
For instance,
Mrs. Jessica DeLance,
A woman who has a problem with hope.

After her sister's death,she had tried to cope.
But,after a month or two,she was just about to give up on hope.
After having seen no one else at her side,
Her thoughts had turned towards suicide,
For no more could she ever cope.

Once in the bedroom,she had stripped herself bare.
Then,she had walked into the bathroom,where
She had turned on the bathtub water.
And then,after she had turned off the water,
Into the tub she had placed her body bare.

With a knife,she had given her wrists a deep slash.
And they both had gone down in a big splash,
It was soon to be a sight of true dread,
For the water had suddenly turned into the deepest red,
Due to the wrists that have been slashed.

But,even though her willing to cope was lost,
She was about to discover that all hope was never lost.
For suddenly,a man who had entered the room
Had became shocked by the true sight of doom.
Then,he had taken her to the hospital,before all hope is truly lost.

However,all of hope was never lost in every way.
And came the next day,
Jessica had opened her eyes,
And was pleased by the sight before her eyes.
The welcoming sight of a brand-new day.

Suddenly,like out of some movie cue,
She had turned towards the one who had came to her rescue.
Her husband--her one true love.
And like two doves,
They both still have a love that is true.