Throughout time, communism has been misinterpreted and mutated into the image of an oppressive and tyrannical society. Through all of the ignorant insults, biased McCarthy views, and false representations of communism, there is the truth about this ideology as written by its inventor - Karl Marx - and not just a misconceived version of it.
Before siding with or accusing communism, one needs to know the mentality of socialists and the ways and purposes of achieving revolution. The socialist is not a tyrant but the opposite: a person who advocates equality in the most universal form. That means the socialist believes that there should be an economic equilibrium. This is so because the ones we rely on are exploited. Those who construct buildings, make our clothes, clean our facilities, are paid less for their work, when without this work our society would cease to function.
We can see this exploitation at home and abroad, where inequality has determined itself via class. Capitalistic opportunity is nothing when those who have the alleged chance to succeed aren't presented with as many advantages as the bourgeois are, such as better education, better neighborhoods... This is one of the defining characteristics of an imperialistic government, which the socialists wish to emancipate. The term "imperialistic" pertains both to worldwide political and economic supremacy, where the weaker nations rely on the standards of those who are in power.
The second defining characteristic of an imperialistic nation is an army and government organizations. This apparatus of the government is designed to suppress the populace and threats, or conquer them. Examples range from the FBI spying on protestors such as the Black Panthers and John Lennon, and one can see America's attempt to rid of all communist nations (using both the army and CIA), including Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, and Guatemala.
These two characteristics that the state have created are the weapons, according to the communist theory, that are necessary to overthrow it. Since society as we know it relies on the proletariat, or working class, and since the majority of citizens are lower and middle class, these classes will rise up against the exploitative upper class. The proletariat will already have the incentive for revolution, as they are the ones who are chiefly exploited. The middle class will theoretically side with the lower class, as they're more sympathetic and closer to their plight. The army, which is also greatly composed of lower class citizens, will revolt against the government for which they stand in the strive for equality.
After revolution, equality will be exhibited to its full extent; land will be public, banks will be state owned, equal wages for all will be established, there will be no discrimination, and voting rights will be allotted to all. The government will be a dictatorship of the proletariat, as termed by Marx - that is, the proletariat will rule with the ethics of equality, while eliminating bourgeoisie resistance. There will be no army for this task, but a voluntary armed force of citizens.
From this point, the government will begin to wither away. This is the true socialist government, or the first step to communism, and it is not a hybrid economy, as popular title allows. All order will no longer be enforced at a certain period in this society, as it will be unnecessary. The reason for this is that the government will have no essential function as contemporary regimes do today, that being suppressing the masses with martial organizations and keeping them within a capitalistic environment. Exploitation shall be smashed, government imposition shall be smashed, and therefore the country as we know it shall be smashed.
When the government ceases to process, communism will be achieved. No tyranny, no oppression, just equality and self-sufficiency.
Therefore, as one must realize after reading this essay, that a communist government has never existed - socialist nations and nations claiming to be socialist have existed, but never equality in its full, systematic form.
This essay is meant to inform the nationalistic and propagandized masses who have been prejudiced against communism by images of the Soviet Union - who boast of freedom and equality when their brother receives minimum wage or extremely low pay - and to inform the general unaware. I hope I have effectively conveyed my message. If anyone has any questions, e- mail me or simply read communist literature (look for the names Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky namely).