Hatcher Street
By:Andrew Troy Keller

While I was a kid,there's nothing more sweet
Than to go out to do some trick or treat
On the holiday known as Halloween.

And of course,this year,I've just seen
Some many costumed kids on Hatcher Street.

You see,back in the days of my childhood,
I was the only kid who wore my favorite good
Guy as a costume.

But this year,it's so safe for me to assume
That all of the kids in the neighborhood
Kids are each wearing a very cool costume
So that everyone else would never assume
That they're all a bunch of freaks--
Or worse,a bunch of geeks.

Anyway,I still have my Superman costume
Mainly for sentimental reasons,
Only I do believe that only my son
Would be able to fit
Into my old Superman outfit
And continue with the Trick-Or-Treat mission.