Moonlit Girl breaks her Moonlit Guy
Rumour says
He didn't keep her satisfied
Yet another fiery lie.

They talked about the moon
And sighed into each other
She smiled and lied often
Told him her favourite colour
Spend hours on the line
Hoping to find the time
To tell her what she meant
Guess he still hopes.

Ignoring the feeling he fought
He meant everything today
But everything's not the same
When it's drew a different way.

Moonlit Guy seeks his Moonlit Girl
To save himself
Rescue him from this paper world
Breaking from the crowd
Yet another secret he should tell.

Looks into her green eyes
Sees everything he means
And the entire nothing that compares
Wishes he could wrap her up
Hide her from the stares
His to keep, forever but
Standing close
He looks at her from far away
For everything he means
Nothing she feels the same.

Green-eyed girl seeks her Blue eyed boy
Hopefully he'll be here soon
Green-eyed girl loves her Blue eyed boy
But they don't talk about the moon.