What I Wish


I take over your chair,
Because the world seems too big,
And I can't be around you otherwise,
Not without turning red,
And accidentally letting it slip.
I wish I could take over your heart,
And make you love me,
Only me,
For who I am,
Not for anything else.
I wish I could confide in you,
Without it making you nervous about me,
Because you would know,
That I am the same as always,
And would never change to please anyone but you.
The world is too big,
And I can't wrap my arms around it,
I can't grasp what you are saying to me,
Because I am too caught up to notice,
Notice anything but your smile, face and body,
The world is too big for me to hold in my arms,
Unlike you...
I love you,
And you can't seem to see that,
If you ever knew what you ment to me,
Then you might be able to grasp it,
Me and the world for us both.