He watched fascinated, almost in slow motion as the lamp shattered and the curtain caught on fire.

It was a spark at first. A meager fragment of withering light, entangling itself in the red textile. Like a parasyte, it started consuming the material, blackening edges which became wider and larger, more defined. A wavering string of grey smoke became obvious. Whatever slight breeze there was, it was making the thickening collumn of displaced fog oscilate slightly in a game as hypnotizing as it was morbid. The fire spread, lively flames probing the material, licking it upwards as if paving with ashes the fate of anything in its way. The wispy fire poked and proded, finding the quickest path to obliterating Mother's favorite curtains.

It moved upwards in a slow and sensual motion, taking its time yet moving with staggering speeds. Sharp sounds accompanied the accelerating fire, small cracks of energy, as if there was a certain amount of excitment coming with destruction. The sounds soon became a conglomerate, joining together to form a hissing whisper.

The hissing whisper was deep, a persistant sound in the cacophony of panicked yells.


With numb realization, he noticed the fire had spread across the cheap wallpaper, extending its hot tendrils all throughout the room. He didn't notice it before, but the temperature in the room was extremely high and if he hadn't been holding his breath, he might have found out that the air was replaced by a thick cloud of smoke.

Breathing deeply, he felt the fire extending to his lungs, spreading in stinging ramification. He collapsed into a fit of raspy coughs. Hands reached out to grab him, tugging ruthlessly at his limbs. He was being dragged away, in a semi-concious daze, while through slitted eyelids he could still see the flames... calling him, beckoning.

The fickle flames chased after him; he could feel them as they brushed him so teasingly close, then retreated abruptly, then came again towards him, ramming into him with new heights of pain.

And death was the fire's final gift to him.