Ode To Him

Thats what we all have,
Me and all my friends,
They all agree with me,
On you,
And only on you,
They think the same about me and you,
They say the same about you,
They tell me that you would be good,
For me,
Not for her.
They let me know,
That I am as beautiful as the next girl
To pass you by in the halls,
As sweet as any person could get,
And as filled with love,
That you would be happy to have me.
I just know what you are going to do,
Laugh at my mistakes,
But in the best way,
A way to make me want you more,
Though I thought it possible not,
No body knows just what you mean to me.
They tell me things that you probably wish they had not,
Things that I was glad they did,
So, you never had a girlfriend,
And I,
Not a boyfriend,
So there is so much more to us than you think,
Makes me want you more and more.
Though they say,
You are going to drive me insane,
I do not care,
As long as you are here,
Beside me,
Holding my hand,
Letting me know you are there.
I despise her,
For fawning over you,
Only because she knows I love you,
Pretending like she can take you away,
And never return you,
Like an over due library book,
Taken on the wrong card,
Charged to another.
Love is strange,
I've never felt this way before,
Not like this,
And I owe it all to you,
For showing me the path,
And the light at the end of the tunnel,
You showed me what it was like,
To feel,
To love,
To have a reason to breathe.
If only to see your face,
To hear your laugh,
To hold you hand,
I would travle to the ends of the Earth,
I would wait untill the end of time,
I would do anything asked of me,
If only to hear you say those words,
The magical words I've dreamed of for so long,
Say you love me,
And would do the same,
Say what it is you see in me,
Say everything you feel for me,
Does not matter if it's hate,
Or love,
Or you hate the fear of love,
Just as long as you love me.
Say you love me,
And want to spend the rest of your life with me,
Say you will go to the ends of the Earth,
Wait untill the end of time,
If only to hear me say the same.
Say yes to me,
Say yes to the question that I ask...
Will you...
Could you...
Go out with me?