Inn Fire

Dark skies, hard to fly. Wind blows and the river below dash down stream of terrifying flows. Rain whips through the air in wet lashes like a blow. Leaves from the trees spiral through the air, sending hues of the flame into the darken skies, the skies of which I fly. And thus begins this story of my life.

            And fly I do, for I am no other than an Immortal, one who's life lies outside of time on wings of living fate. Much like an angel of the gods whom I devote my life to. But angel is a word my dearest friend, Aeolyn, has recently taught me. She is…not here as I write this down. I wish with all my heart that she was here, but alas, she is not. Far from here she is. A place I am not free to tell, not even as I narrate this to you. No, please don't leave me here alone. I wish now more that ever to be with someone. My heart yearns to be free of time, like she was.

            Windy was that day, that day of fate, long ago and yet not so long ago. Obadiah sent me to help those at the town of Valora, just a few hours fly from my home Hold of the Eyerie Hold. My Hold is my home. Any Hold found on this land is home to the Immortals of Terithiea. And the Eyerie just so happens to be my home and headed by Obadiah.

            And that was when it happened, in the sky, on that dark morning. A fire dying in the rain. But this was no ordinary fire. No; it did not douse in the rain. It was fueled by the rain, climbing higher and higher on the two-story inn of wood, drenched in rainwater. The conflagration hungered for water, now daring to leap into the skies by eating the rain. Down below, around the inn was a small gathering of people, crying out in horror. I saw one man fighting the crowds, trying his hardest to run into the flaming house of fire.

            A shriek filled my ears, coming from the inn. A cry for help, a cry of pain. My heart went out to that person. I had to see what I could do to help, but there was only so much I could possibly do. Though not aged by time, fire could certainly kill me.

            I landed on the green by the inn, before the people of Valora. People gasped and cried out in relief at the sight of a descending being of wings.

            "It is he! The Immortal has come!" A woman cried out, tears pouring like a falling river from her pools of hazel onto her already wet face. She clasped the man beside her, doubtless her husband. Her gray hair stuck like glue to her haggard face. She looked at me with such hope and pain that I could feel my heart ache for this woman.

            "Help her, please," she pleaded.

            "Save her! Save my niece!" the man cried, the same man who fought with ardency to run into the burning inn.

            I heard another scream and immediately shot into the air. She screamed for help again. I flew up to the second story, circling for an opening. There it was, a gap of a window unscathed by fire. Gathering the aura, my magic, within me, I dove into the window and threw up an atmosphere of magic around my body to protect me from the flames. But I had to act fast, there was only so much aura magic within me. And yet flashes of scarlet and yellow were all I could see. I cried out for the girl to shout again. It was her voice that would be my guide.

            "Help me…I can't…" the girl cried out, off to my right.

            I ran now, careful not to trip over fallen objects. Where was she. I shouted for her to cry out again. Silence. No reply. Oh ye gods, what happened to her? I had to find her soon, or her life would soon belong to the divine realms. I couldn't allow such a thing to happen. I pushed aside a burning tapestry that threatened to scathe me. I hardly felt the fire burn my flesh. It didn't matter. It would heal. It always healed.

            Push open a door. Follow through. Never knowing what's coming to you. It could be darkness that you'll be falling through. An old rhyme. It sang in my head as I pushed the door aside. I hoped she was all right. Would it be the darkness she fell through? No, have to think positive thoughts. She will be okay. She will be all right. She has to be.

            And that was when I saw her, slumped over by a window. Her eyes were closed and her clothes, a simple cotton dress of no definite color, were darkened by ash and smoke. Her hair, like mahogany, covered her soot smuged face ever so slightly. In her hands, an empty flagon of a red liquid. I tore my eyes away from that flagon in her long finger hands and knelt beside her, checking for a pulse. There it was, faint and shallow. She did not have long to live.

            I stood up, with her body in my arms. I looked out the window. It was covered by yet another burning tapestry, but it was the quickest exit from this house. With the gathering of my aura magic, I tore the tapestry aside with my hand, scarly feeling anything and with great care, jumped and opening my great wings. I caught my fall and hovered gently back down to the ground. The people of Valora gathered around me, get at a distance, fearful of me, of her.

I knelt to my knees to place her gently on the ground. Again I checked her pulse. It was slower this time. No, this cannot be. She cannot die! I will not stand for this. I held her hand now, in mine, closing my eyes. I looked for it, that pooling liquid cloud of sea blue, sparkling with transcendental magic. There it was, a small pool now. But it would be enough. Just enough. I tug on the edge of this aura, coaxing from my heart and up. Even though I did not watch this, I knew I glowed with sea green aura. It would travel down my arm and into my hand. And through my hand, into her body. I focused intensely. With my aura in her body, I now had the ability to use the Immortal aura in her body to cleanse her lungs of the black smoke, to heal the breaks in her bones and the wounds on her skin.

            But that was not enough. I knew it. She her soul was not there. I could see her quintessence hovering above her body, ready to leave. Not so fast. I used my remaining aura to take her hand softly and pull her back into her body. It took so much out of me. I opened my eyes and saw the world around me swirl. It was like a mingling of different paints on a canvas. I heard the crowd gasp in…in what? I could not tell. Had I done it or did I kill her? Oh ye gods, what was wrong with this vision of mine? Why did the world tilt back and forth? Why was the world fading slowly like life dripping off a bloody knife? I couldn't take it anymore. I was going to be sick. I was going to be…

A/N: This story is a sort of extra fiction to Of Immortals and Demons, but you don't have to read that story to understand this one.