Torn Heart Blood
Wander the floor, circles,
Can't get you off my mind,
Shyness takes over,
Wishing you were here,
Five days is too long to wait,
Redness builds, like red hot pressure,
Can't take this anymore,
Not without you here,
Don't know what to do.
Green and orange, colorful,
My life is dull compared to yours,
Can't do half that stuff, too scared,
Stones impale your thin skin,
Red blood seeps through the sheet,
Of that which we call our life,
Wish I could share it with you,
Be the one for you, not the next guy,
Share my dark secrets,
Those that have never left my lips,
Contaminated my thoughts,
I need to share pain with you.
We weave our own futures, fortune,
That I can spend the rest with you,
Weep together over nothing,
Be there for one another,
Redness spreads here quickly,
Like the blood seeping from my torn heart,
Besting me in my own game of love.. hate.. discriminate,
Don't know what to do when I can't be me around you,
Can't show you who I am,
Can't prove to you that I'm the best you'll never have,
My heart bleeds for the longing of wanting you,
Yet not.
Don't know what to do with this torn heart blood,
Fills me with anger.. Hatred.. Guilt,
That you can't feel this way,
So much it hurts,
They all accuse me of obsession,
But it's not there where my heart lies,
They don't realize what love is,
And that you would go to the ends of the earth...
Wait till the end of forever...
To get you to love me,
No matter how stupid.. Immature.. Childish.. it seems.