Painfully In Love
Did they know,
That I don't see you as a black person,
As someone you are not,
They think I'm shy aroud you,
Because you are different,
But what they do not know is the real reason,
The reason I cannot stop from turning red,
Giggling like crazy,
And wanting to tell you all I can,
Is because I love you.
I wish I could tell you,
Let you know these powerful feelings,
Hurting inside with a longing for you,
I can't see you in black and white,
Only can see you as your self,
Can't explain you to others,
Cuz my heart then comes out,
Don't know what I see in you,
For there is nothing that I can point out.
My heart busts at the thought of one kiss from you,
Your loving embrace holds me together,
Your laugh can drive me crazy,
And you are the only one,
The only guy,
That has ever made me cry,
Over little nothings of not seeing your face,
Hearing your voice,
And screaming out your name.