The Nightclub

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

You know,whenever we were able to finish our work shift on Friday afternoon and allowed ourselves to get home and have a little rest,we would always be able to look forward to doing something wild and crazy on Friday night.

And let me tell you,an old high-school friend of mine named John Shatner was no exception,for after he had finally finished his work shift at a meat packing plant and drove himself back to his apartment,he had taken a shower and gotten himself dressed up for his date with a fellow co-worker named Julie Cameron.

After he had said 'good night' to his pet cat,left his place and picked up Julie at her house,John had drove his pick-up truck into the City of Cleveland and over to a new nightclub that had recently opened up.

Dante's Inferno was the name of the new nightclub and after John had parked the pick-up and both he and Julie had seen just how long and wide the line to the club was,they've suddenly became excited with the thought of getting the chance to walk into the club that was--in a way--just like the infamous Studio 54 and rub elbows with some of the most popular celebs in the entire USA.

However,as soon as they were finally able to get themselves closer to the door,both John and Julie had noticed that there were still a bunch of people trying to get into the club,only to be turned away by the club's owner,Donovan Spada,because he didn't like someone's necktie or something like that.

But then,as soon as he had spotted John and Julie standing in front of him and let out a smile,Donovan had walked up to the two lovebirds and said,"You two look really great.Why don't you just go ahead,go inside and enjoy my little party?"

And then,after they've looked at each other and allowed a smile to appear on their lips,both John and Julie had walked into the club and over to the hat check desk,where a raven-haired beauty had looked at them and asked,"Do you want me to check your coats?"

"As a matter of fact,yes.We would like that.",answered Julie,after she and John had removed their coats and handed them to the desk clerk."Hope you'll also enjoy yourself."

"Oh,don't worry.I'll soon do so.",said the desk clerk,who had such a hungry look in her eyes.

Just then,after they've walked into the dance hall and noticed that today's hottest music was planning and everyone in the room was dancing to the music,both John and Julie had suddenly realized that they might've found true heaven.

But that was before John had told Julie that he was going to the bar and get her something to drink--and after he had gone over to the bar,Julie had sat herself down on a nearby couch,only to hear some moaning and groaning going on behind her.

And after she had noticed a pair of nude females and an equally nude male kissing and carressing each and every part of their bodies,Julie's eyes had grown as wide as saucers and she was about to turn around and go tell John about her discovery.

But just as she was about to do so,one of the naked females had placed her hand on Julie's arm and said,"No.You don't have to go away.Please do join us.You know that you want to."

And then,after a sudden wave of pure erotica had came over her and she had allowed the female stranger to kiss her ever so passionately on the lips,Julie had removed all of her clothes and placed her nude body along with the other three,unaware that while they were kissing and carressing each and every portion of her body,the eyes of one of the females had started to glow as bright as the lights in the room.

Meanwhile,at the bar,John was still waiting for the bartender to arrive and serve him a couple of drinks,but that was before the raven-haired hat check desk clerk had sat herself down on a bar stoole next to him,placed her hand on his shoulder and said,"So,Hot Stud.Are you having a good time?"

"As a matter of fact,yes.We really are having a good time.",answered John,while he was looking at his watch."I wonder where the bartender is.I really don't want to make Julie worry about me."

"Oooohhhh,I really don't think that she'll be able to worry about anything right now.",said the desk clerk,after she had gotten off the stoole,took John by the arm and walked with him over to the same couch that Julie was sitting on."As a matter of fact,I really don't think that she'll be able to feel anything anymore."

And then,after he had looked behind the couch,the look on John's face had changed to that pure shock,for he had suddenly discovered a trio of horrific demon-like creatures standing over Julie's nude and lifeless body with blood coming out of her mouth.

"Well,Hot Stud.We've finally finished one half of tonight's meal.",said the desk clerk,before she had turned towards someone else who had just entered the room."It was ssssoooo delicious.Wasn't it,my darling?"

And after he had turned towards the one person that she was talking to,John had noticed that it was the host,Donovan Spada,who was looking at him with glowing eyes and answered,"Indeed it was,my darling Satanna.Now,it's time for us to enjoy the second course."

And then,after he had shockingly noticed that each and every one of the party guests were having very sharp fangs growing out of their mouths and slowly moving their way towards him with hunger within their glowing eyes,a frightened John Shatner has no other choice,but to let out a scream of bloody murder,just before they've started chowing down on his soul.