Claim Of Ownership: The poem written below was written on October 19, 2004, by Lauren Kollett, AKA the Dragon Mistress. Please, do not reuse without permission.



Lover's lips whispered.
Taken, transported -
Far and away
Voice of honey leading on.

Stretching mass of golden sand
Endless sapphire sky.
Thin clouds high and far
Palace of marble, ivory, gold.

Bed draped with silks,
Dark-haired lover awaits.
Strong arms, gentle kisses
He shuts his eyes
Touches silky hair and
Smooth skin.

Ecstasy, delight, pleasure
Two become one
Loud cries in the night
Sheets stained with love.

He opens his eyes.
Sand white and cold,
Under leaden sky.
Back home.
Ordinary bed, mundane life.

One thing remains, the one
He loves is asleep.
Long black hair, ebony river,
Like -


(A/N: Originally written as a poem about my two favourite Harry Potter characters. I took out the names and turned it into an original poem. (See if you can guess who I was talking about!) And yes, it is about two men. :P Inspired and named after the Led Zeppelin song, Kashmir'. Also written while listening to said song. I know nothing rhymes, but I suck at rhyming. Hope you liked it anyway.)