Society as a whole as grown tremendously over the thousands and thousands of years that it has been alive. Medieval laws that were once predominant have been abolished, slavery that was once only natural has been abolished, and yet with all the growing that has occurred, there is one aspect in society that has yet to be abolished, inequality. When a person says inequality the most commonly thought about aspect would have to be a tie between racial inequality and female inequality. A person never stops to think about how men are being treated, how men have suffered inequality and injustice over the years.
The women's movement is a movement that is very well known, and yet there is also a men's movement that has occurred over the years that people know little to nothing about. I personally did not even know that there was such a thing as a men's movement, but once attending class and reading the little information that was provided in the text book, it opened my eyes to a new wave of thinking. It broadened my perspective to not only the hardships that women have had to endure but also the hardships that men have had to endure in order to accommodate to the women's commands. The most surprising issue that I learned through the men's movement is that women are not the only ones that are battered in a relationship.
When I first read title for the article "Battered Men. the Secret Side of Domestic Violence" by Keith Thompson, I almost started to laugh out loud. Battered men was something that I had never heard of before, something that I viewed as impossible because it just wasn't something that is all that common in the media. I'm used to reading stories about the poor defenseless woman in the relationship being beaten till they were unrecognizable, not the man of the relationship being beaten. But as I read on I began to realize that the battering of men in a relationship is not just something I can believe, but something that I can picture in my mind. Something that became so real that it almost scared me, how could we as females be so upset about women battering when we too are equally guilty in the beating of our spouses.
It upset me a great deal to read of the reasons why men do not come forward with the beating, afraid that they would lose their children in the divorce court, leaving them at the mercy of their angry and abusive mother. Or the fact that men will not come forward because they have the mind set that the police would not believe that they were being beaten. I do not blame the men for thinking this way, because if I and many other citizens who are not law enforcement can have the mind set that it is only females that are beaten by their spouses in a relationships, it would not surprise me if police officers believed the same thing, causing the men to feel ridiculed when they are seeking help.
It did comfort me however when I read that the YMCA shelters are starting to accommodate for battered men, offering emergency brochures for motel rooms to men who call the hotline. This information makes me feel somewhat better about the situation at hand but not completely satisfied with how batter men are being treated. I honestly believe that women who are behind the women's movement have to start looking at how the men are being treated in society as well as how the women are being treated. If they wish for equality in society for women, there must also be equality for the men as well. This article is an excellent example of how men are not being treated fairly when the situation deals with a man being beaten instead of the woman. I know this article has changed my views on the matter of spousal abuse. I will no longer look at spousal abuse to just affecting the women of the relationship, because men are just as equally affected.