Beyond the Funeral Procession

In black clothes,

I walk upon the asphalt,

Hair obscuring my face,

Rain streaming down from the sky.

Nowhere to escape,

Wishing I could hide,

Bruises on my cheeks,

Cuts that mar my face...

No place to go.

The screams I remember radiate in my mind,

My mind as injured as the flesh upon my face.

Unavenged tears upon a dead woman's cheeks,

Strangeled screams and cries,

Such a cost,

That I had to suffer,

Still drowning in my regret,

I feel so numb.

My blood freezes whenever I think those thoughts,

He had to kill them...

Like I tried to kill him.

Tears refuse to stop,

Against what I want...

Haven't I already suffered enough?

Unable to control,

I fall to my knees,

My body shaking as I sob violently.

My family is gone.

He had to kill them...

But he wouldn't kill me.

I will never find him,

No quest to succeed,

Only to escape from fear and pain.

He made for me chaos.

All alone,

I have been drained of joy and peace.