Chapter 21

"How much longer are we going to have to wait?"

"Be patient, our revenge will be carried out soon enough. We just have to wait for the chess pieces to fall into place. Then we take them out one by one."

"I just wish it was soon, I'm getting tired of waiting."

"I know, but you've waited two years, you can wait a little longer."

"I suppose..."

"I'll show myself to them, so that they don't get too secure. We need them on their feet if this plan is going to wor..."

"No, they must not know we are planning anything. Stay hidden."

"But if we stay hidden, they will know that we are planning something."

"Wrong, they will know you are planning something. They won't know about me..."

"Good point."

"Just wait, it's better to be safe than sorry."

"So, you are Christopher Johnson?"

"Yes ma'am."

They found themselves all sitting at the kitchen table under interrogation. Blake was sitting with them, playing the good cop. Mrs. Ford just glared at Chris, as if she were about to attack him. This was a totally different scenario than what Chris was used to. He was used to giving people that look, not receiving it, especially from a human.

"So, why, may I ask, have I not seen you for two years?"

"Well, I'm very shy ma'am, and I didn't want you to reject me. Plus...I had a sick friend I had to visit very far away. I'm sorry; I should have gone out of my way to see you."

"Is that sarcasm?"

Sheryl hid her face in her hands, totally embarrassed by her mother's actions. At least Chris seemed to be lying rather well.

"No ma'am, not at all."

"What makes you think that you are worthy of dating MY daughter?"

Chris paused; his eyes were locked on the coffee cup in front of him. What did make him worthy of dating Sheryl? He had done nothing but cause her pain their entire relationship. Leaving for no better reason than to help himself. But now that he thought about it...he wasn't worthy.

He took a deep breath, "I suppose that I'm not worthy. I've done nothing but leave her behind many times, causing her pain."

"Oh Chris," sighed Sheryl. Her mother had another reaction though.

"That's right, you aren't worthy!"


"All of this time she has been pining over you, over your return. All of that time wasted on you she could have put into a healthy relationship. A relationship with someone like Blake!" snapped Mrs. Ford.

"Hey now, wait a minute!" screeched Blake.

"Blake? Eww..." Sheryl moaned.

"Thanks Sheryl," muttered Blake under his breath.

"Mom, I wouldn't be with Chris if I didn't trust him. I especially wouldn't have waited for him if I thought it wasn't worth it. The few days that I've spent with him have been some of the happiest days of my life. I love him, and that's all there is to it."

Chris looked at his love with astounded eyes. He had no idea just how much he actually meant to her. Now he found himself in awe of her, of her love for him. Under the table, she put her hand on his knee and gently squeezed it. Smiling, he put his hand on top of hers, never wanting to let go.

"I agree with her. He's a good guy..." started Blake.

But he was interrupted, "How would YOU know?"

Uh oh...

"Well, you see..."

"You met him before I DID?"


"We knew each other before Blake came here!" said Chris. Tried not to sound too eager about his answer, otherwise she would tell he was lying.

"Oh really? Where did you meet?"

"Well..." stuttered Chris. Sheryl was beginning to worry. Her mother was asking too many questions. They might have been good liars, but you do run out of lies some time.

So, Blake stepped in, "We're both part of a club..."

"A club?" asked Mrs. Ford.

"Yeah, for people with an illness," said Chris.

"YEAH!" shouted Blake, a little too eager.

"What type of illness?" asked Mrs. Ford. It didn't seem like she was buying any of this. Sheryl just hoped her mom would stop hounding them soon.

"We are both dying," said Blake, in a very depressed voice.

"Or not at all," mumbled Chris. Sheryl glared at him and dug her nails into his knee. He winced a bit and looked over at her to find her glaring at him. He could tell that she was getting worried, and they had better wrap this up soon.

"Are you really Blake? I had no idea!" exclaimed Mrs. Ford. There was a look on her face of pure sadness as she looked at the white hair man. The couple sat in shock as the older woman was pinning over a death that would never happen. "I'm so sorry! No wonder you came to the wonderful location of the mountains, to live out your last says in peace. For the wonderful mountain air to fill your lungs as you take your last breath."

"MOM!" shouted Sheryl.

Her mother glared at her, "Sheryl, show some respect for the dying! Still, if Chris is dying, why go out with him, he will just leave you anyway."


"Well, I must be going back to work. I will expect him to be gone when I return. Don't try anything with him either, or I will have Blake tell me all about it. Good bye."

With that they were all left alone again, staring at where her mother had just been. No words passed their lips for a long time. They all just sat there staring, until finally someone broke the silence.

"You know, I really like your mother's thinking," said Blake.

"Shut up!" snapped Sheryl. "My gosh, she's still trying to make me go out with you. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?"

"No...why is it annoying?"

"Well, considering I already have a boyfriend! Mom just doesn't like the idea that...she never met Chris...till just now."

"It's not my fault," snapped Chris.

"Are you saying it's mine?" asked Sheryl.

"No, I'm just saying it's not my fault."

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"Uh...I think I'll go for a walk...leave you two alone for a while," said Blake. He was slowly inching away from the table, trying his best to actually avoid the fight that was no doubt going to ensue very soon between the two of them. Before he could get too far though, Sheryl's piercing glare stopped him in his tracks.

"No, you aren't going any where! This is all your fault anyway!"

"WHAT? Why is it my fault?" asked Blake.

"At least it's not mine," whispered Chris.

"Ha ha, very funny," said Blake.

"You can't just get away with this Blake! It's your fault that mom doesn't like Chris. If you had never come here than she would never have liked you and would have liked Chris and would not be trying to make me go out with you!"

"So, want me to just leave?"

"NO, I want you to stay here and fess up to your actions! Take charge and fix them!"



Blake looked at Chris, and Chris silently looked at him. After a few seconds, they both took deep breaths and sighed.

"Yup, you're right," said Chris.

"I knew it," said Blake.

"Knew what? Right about what? What are you two talking about!?" snapped Sheryl.

"Nothing...HEY! I had better go check up with Moonlighting before they freak out and send someone after me or something. I'll be back...later...maybe in a week or so."

"A WEEK? Why?"

Chris was silent, looking at her from the corner of his eye. Sheryl didn't understand his actions. He had just come back and then he was going to turn around and leave again? That was just not right! If he did, she was going to hound him down and not let him leave...YEAH!

"You just seem...agitated...that's all..." said Chris very lightly. It was obvious he was trying to not make his comment too noticeable, but Sheryl still heard him.

"Shouldn't you be over PMS now?" asked Blake.

Sheryl looked up at him with a confused face and then it finally hit her. A strange amount of intense anger swelled up inside of her. She gripped onto her cup tightly and ground her teeth together. Chris saw this and slowly scooted away from her.

She glared up at Blake and then threw the cup, still full, at him. He quickly moved out of the way, just in time for it to fly past him and hit the wall. Both men stared at Sheryl in complete shock. Sheryl quickly stood up and started to walk out of the room. Half way out, she turned and glared back at Blake once more.

"I hate you and your stupid sense of smell!" With that, she left the kitchen and went to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. The men staid there in silence for a long time just staring at each other in shock.

Eventually, Chris broke the silence with a sigh.

"Yeah, definitely a week," sighed Chris.

"No action for you any time soon," laughed Blake.

Chris just rolled his eyes and got up from his chair. "I guess I really better go check in. I will be back later..."

"How much later?" asked Blake with a smile.

Smirking Chris headed toward the door. "Tonight of course, I couldn't stay away that long again...just don't tell her ok? I don't want her to know in case I really don't come back."

"I think she will be expecting you back tonight, and if you aren't back you will have hell about it."

"Of course, see ya later."


Alright, I'm sure many of you aren't going to be happy with this…but I'm rewriting Full Moon. It's been…God, 6 years now since I started it and it's not finished. However, I don't see the point of finishing the original when now I'm going to start over. Well…I'm already starting over. I'm already at around 20,000 words when the original was at 90,000. I'm going to start uploading the rewrite…it will be MUCH better, trust me. Give me your input because my hope, once I finish, is to start submitting it to publishers. Keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully I can finish it