What I Have To Do To Get Over You


We started off to being friends,
And I never wanted nothing more,
Nothing but your friendship.
That was before it hit me,
My feeling about you,
The feelings that ruin my life.
I do not know what to do,
For she wants you the same,
But I could not do that to her.
How is love so complicated,
For I cannot have you,
Not without ruining another thing equally as strong.
What am I to do,
When I feel this way,
But am forbidden to love you?
Your laugh entices me,
Makes me want you to wrap me in it,
And make you love me.
Your dark eyes haunt me,
And bore into my soul,
Puts down my defences.
I need to tell you,
To get over what I am feeling,
Will you see me the same?