If I Just Fall Upon My Knees by writerforever

It seems as if lately everyone is against me

It seems as if my friends have forsaken me

It seems as if they now dislike me

All because I now have You in my heart

It seems as if they don't want to hear about You

It seems as if they don't want to be around me anymore

It seems as if they are all talking about me

About how crazy and religious I've become

About how much I've changed since You saved me

About how ridiculous I am for putting my trust and faith in You

About how You do not exist and how silly I am for loving You

My heart breaks from their rude remarks

My heart aches from their coldness

My sadness sweeps over me

But when I fall upon my knees to pour my heart out to You

You here my desperate pleas

Assuring me that You are there for me

For in my hour of deep despair I call on You

And You are always there

A voice so tenderly whispers "Lay your burdens on me"

And I know that You will always answer my plea

It seems to most of my non-believing friends that I have nothing

It seems to them that I am just going through a phase

But I know that what I have is real

Because if I just fall upon my knees

You hear my desperate plea

You listen to my thoughts and dreams

You are the truest friend I have ever had, and ever will have

It's good to know You hear me when I pray

Thank you Jesus!

It may seem like I am alone to those who look at me

It may seem as if I have no friends

But while people are making cold remarks about me

While people are looking down on me

I will be rejoicing inside my soul

Because You are in my heart God

Forever I want to praise You!