I Laugh on the outside
But cry beneath
You all think I'm happy
But I'm really very weak
I lie everyday with a smile on my face
And lie through my teeth so that you all think
I'm happy when I'm not
So you think I'm happy all the time
I fane my joyous disposition
Just to keep you smiling
I hate me, if you can see that
If you were really my friend
Then you'd understand
That I'm not perfect,
And I'll never be
So why is it?
That I feel I must be?
I'm laughing when I'm crying beneath
And I'm smiling when I'm lying through my teeth
And Repeat...
Can I let go?
Will you let me go?
May I let go?
I guess I'll never know...
I'm lying through my teeth
Just so you can see...
I hope you'll understand me a little better
If I lie through my failures as a person
Just so you know I'm trying to be me...