if you asked me my religion
id say I don't believe
all the christians would gasp in shock
and all the atheists would be relieved
but if you asked if i believe in god
id say he had a million breaths
id say he lived eternal
in the depths of a million chests
if you handed me a bible
id throw it back and call it lies
but its miracle to those who believe
its the truth in a christians eyes
I don't believe in a white staff
or people made from dirt
I don't believe in a land on clouds
or a place without the hurt
but jesus was crucified for something he believed
he was crucified to save you and me
whether or not what he said was true
what he did was for me and what he did was for you
the goodness of god has been spread in everyone
believe or not its something we learn from
I don't believe that one day well all be saved
i believe one day well all be in a grave
but the actions of a god
its all evident to see
god isn't hard to find
he works through you and me