By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Brian Kline and I've been a front end bagger for the local Giant Eagle supermarket for six years,only to suddenly found myself becoming bored to tears over the job and wanted to do something that tells everyone in the whole wide world who I really was.

And so,after I've walked myself into the manager's office and said to him that I was sorry for doing what I've done to them,but I was in need to do something different with my life that was actually me,I've quit my job at Giant Eagle,gone home,packed my bags and moved out of my parent's house and into a boarding house somewhere within the City of San Francisco,where I was able to meet a bunch of new friends and form a new rock band which we've named Red Dog.

I was also able to find true love,for one of the band's members had just happened to be a real Melissa Joan Hart type beauty whose name was Sarah Greene,who had also found true love with me and the both of us had shared everything that all of Rock and Roll has to offer.

Just then,on a Saturday night after our band had just finished one of its gigs at a local hot spot and we've gotten our weekly paychecks,Sarah and I had gotten ourselves back to the boarding house,removed all of our clothes and started kissing and carressing each and every part of our nude bodies.

But then,after I've placed my stiff rod inside her pussy and started carressing her entire nude body,Sarah had suddenly introduced me--for the first time--to the pleasures of drug use by allowing me to snort up a line or two of a drug known as cocaine.

And as a result of snorting those lines of cocaine,I've suddenly became very hyperactive and had looked at a helpless Sarah with the look of an extreme wildman in my eyes.

And then,since I was unable to stop myself due to the drugs,I've slowly moved my hands over to Sarah's throat and started choking her with all of my cocaine induced strength,which had suddenly caused her eyes to grow very wide with fear and tried to struggle herself free of my vice like grip.

However,no matter how hard she had tried to free herself from the icy grip of death,it was too late,for after she had made her last gasp for air,Sarah's body had suddenly became lifeless and still.

And then,after I had allowed myself to come,gotten my rod out of her snatch and allowed myself to catch my breath,I've looked over at Sarah and noticed that she wasn't moving a muscle.

After I've moved myself over to Sarah and placed my gentle hand on her cheek,I've suddenly noticed some bruising on her throat,which had suddenly caused me to realize that within my drug induced state,I was driven to murder the one woman whom I had ever fallen in love with.

And after I've raced into the bathroom and puked my guts out into the toilet,I've suddenly realized that I was in need of some serious help.

And so,on the very next day,I've quit Red Dog and checked myself into a drug treatment center inside a local hospital--and even though it had became a long and painful process,I was able to become my clean and sober self again.

And not only that,I was also able to find true love again,for I've met another drug user in need of help named Ashley Logan--and after we both became clear and sober,we've got married a year later,moved ourselves to the suburb of Sherman Oaks and leaved there happily with our three lovely kids ever since.