To all who have read and enjoyed my stories,



The time has come to take them off Fictionpress. Having been warned by other writers time and time again of stories being plagiarized off Fictionpress, I have decided to take mine down from this site.

Most of my works on this site were written a long time ago. They carry fond memories for me, but I would like to think my writing (style and language) has improved since then, and hence, I intend to work through these once again and do some major editing/rewriting. Whether they will be posted up elsewhere is another consideration (or publishing could be an option too! –gasp-), but at this point in time, I haven't made any concrete plans.

There are a number of readers who have provided constant encouragement and support, and faithfully gave me constructive feedback. For this, I sincerely thank you. You guys were invaluable.

All in all, God bless you! Never let the love for reading die.