he is a bastard boy
tell me where his father went so wrong
hey tell me where his mother went
where did his mother go
but he's a bastard boy regardless


don't ignore me don't
look away when i am i
n the middle of my se
ntence because that w
ill be your sentence
for life to never hea
r this sound again i
know you've got to wa
nt to hear this sound
again hear me like wa
terfall over your hea
rt do you think you c
ould love me because
if you just tried if
you just gave me a ch
ance i bet that you c
ould love me like the
flower loves the flow
er loves like the pre
tty people love prett
y people love.

now he could take this over


tell me pretty dark
what do ya think?
tell me broken light
what do ya think?
i am talking to the air here,
he knows
talking to the air here


but i smell like the ocean and sunscreen and you
smell like some sort of heaven and we are califo
rnia driving hard down the road that we've been
down before i want you to come along
hey don't ya wanna come?
hey don't ya wanna come?


i'm going to stare at you till you're the one who looks away