Hope and Hardships
One day you'll wake up knowing I never will. Will you know my reasons?
Do you even care? I give signs I am upset. Do you read them, or do you pass
them in a blur? They say one day, we will all die. So far, that theory has
been correct. Yes, many people have taken their own life, rather than by
the 'God' they claim devoutly. Others have been taken by no fault of their
own. Some, still, simply end the circle of life when the natural time for
them is up. Have you ever thought of yourself and how your life shall
cease? Maybe it'll be taken from you by a complete stranger, maybe by your
best friend, for no other reason than too much to drink. What if you woke
up and decided life wasn't worth your time anymore? Would you keep that
thought, or would you act on it? How would it affect the lives of those
that have become a part of you? Would you truly even care? What if I were
to do that to you? I woke up one morning with no desires to fulfill. Maybe
I went and cured them the night before and never have to worry about waking
up. Could you handle that? Would it give you a reason to attempt the same
as me? Think first how it feels, and then remember, there are those that
see you as a person, and others that see you as more.