The next morning it took me a while to convince myself that the past week hadn't been one big over-complicated dream. I was swayed when I stood in front of the mirror swishing my tail, though.


I closed my eyes and did what Robin had taught me, I imagined how I wanted to look, then pulled the magic… or something I imagined as magic-like anyway… inward below my skin.

Sure enough, when I opened my eyes – I stared in shock.

My ears were perfectly round, my eyes weren't as long or slanted, and my eyebrows tapered downwards like a normal person's… I looked completely human.

I stared for a really long time.

I'd imagined myself looking like this so many times… but now it just seemed… alien. I looked just like everybody else. It was me, but it felt just as strange if not stranger then seeing myself with a tail.

I closed my eyes and let the magic… that was still the wrong word…seep into my skin, but only slightly. I opened my eyes and smiled at my long eared slant-eyed self. Dumbo was here to stay.

I met Al on the corner as usual; Kyle had kept his promise and kept him posted the last couple days, but he'd demanded a first person account last night over the phone at 3am. Which meant he was almost as sluggish as I was walking to school.

"This is so weird…" he said after a while, "I feel like I'm in another dimension, you know? Everything's gone wonky… You're a weird fairy thingy-"

"I'm an imp." I said curtly, "Not a fairy." I shuddered.

"-You're dating Aud Rose, and thinking about letting up on Clarence! I mean… you're immortal man!"

"Yeah, so what?" Thanks for reminding me… I looked up at the April sky, taking a deep breath, savoring every minute. What a beautiful morning.

"Gah, I mean why go to school?" he turned to me suddenly, brow furrowed over brown eyes, "I mean, it's not like you need it, or have to, right?"

I shrugged, "Who knows… it keeps my dad happy and off my back mostly." I heard a car rev behind me and grinned, "Then of course there's always the perks."

"Hey there strangers."

Al jumped. Aud Rose was laughing at us out the window of her little red car. Her hair was shining past the pink hairclips and she was wearing a pair of large sunglasses, sliding low on her nose to complete the image. "Want a ride?"

"Don't mind if we do, Milady." I leaned in to administer a short kiss.

"…Definitely a different dimension…" I heard Al mutter as we climbed in.