False Hero

Stay silent;
Opinions hid under the surface.
Should I speak,
Let them know how I feel?
It burns;
My disgust.
I'm appalled by language
And actions.
Don't want to be there.
Shattered respected;
Disintegrated trust.
I see what you're trying to do.
Planting seeds of doubt,
Then offering your assistance,
As their world crumbles.
Making yourself out to be the hero.
But I saw what you did to her;
Saw the damage you tried to create.
A hero doesn't do that.
You've raised yourself up
On a pedestal of pity.
But you reek of a path of destruction.
Do what you want;
But just remember,
I'm watching you.
And should you try to bring me down,
Shower me with any more of your lies.
I won't hesitate to shoot you down,
Destroy your facade.
You are the one whom true hero's despise;
The false hero.