William drew in the chill night air with shuddering breaths. His long black trench coat flowed behind him as he leapt from the roof of the cathedral; he landed softly on the cobblestone street. His military issue boots thudded against the stone as he stalked up and down the street, his eyes glazed over in blood lust, his throat burning with thirst. His blue eyes scanned every dark corner for a straggling human; an ill-fated soul who got locked out after the lights faded. A young woman knocked on the oak door of her family's cottage. " Father, mother, I beg you let me enter, please I am fine. I am not tainted!!!!" tears streamed from here eyes as she slumped on the steps defeated. She placed her head in to her soft pale hands and cried, her curly blonde hair obscuring the view of her tear streaked night blue eyes.

"Why are you crying child?" a wicked voice called " has your family forsaken you? William stepped out of the shadows, to stand in the light cast by the street lamps. The girl was shocked by the man's appearance. William raised his hand fingers outstretched. The girl found herself standing but she didn't remember getting up. " I know you hurt my child, but I will give you pleasure, and it will last forever." With a move of his hand she was dragged into his arms. She stared in to his strange hypnotic blue eyes. She was captivated by his young pale face and white hair.

" Killing you will be such a waste." William whispered his hand caressing her neck. " Your blood is more sweet and warm then you can possibly imagine." The girl gasped as sharp white fangs punctured soft pink flesh. Drops of crimson swelled to the surface to be lapped up by William. Soon he was lost in the ecstasy of feeding and his eyes dilated. The girl fought vainly against his strong grasp. William could feel her heart accelerating in terror, and then it slowly began to stop and she was dieing. William brought his own wrist to his mouth and pierced the skin with one of his fangs. He pressed his wrist against the girl's mouth, tilting her head back so a few drops of blood could fall in. She would not die she would serve him she would be his. Beauty such as hers was meant to be eternal.

He placed the body of the woman upon the ground wiping the blood from his mouth with one of his black gloves. " Such beauty" He mused at the woman's limp body. When the natural high of feeding came down he became aware of someone else watching him, " why do you cower in the shadow Mariana? It has been years since I last saw my maker"
" I do not cower, I simply thought it rude to intrude upon your dinner." A sly feminine voice answered " but now that you have finished your meal perhaps I could have a word with you?"

" I think not Mariana, it is not a normal occurrence for you to just pop by for a chat, no indeed you would not even be hear if the council had not sent you." William retorted.
Mariana laughed her long raven hair dancing around her shoulders " you know me to well William, yes it is true, the council sent me hear to beseech you one last time. Stop this rampage and return to the coven." She placed her hands in the pockets of her leather pants. Her emerald eyes stared into his looking for a glimpse of his thoughts but his eyes were as cold and reflective as mirrors.
A cruel smile curled across his lips and he laughed wickedly "And if I refused, what then Mariana will you kill me? I would like to see you try." William drew his Handgun and sword. " Come then Mariana, come and face the monster that YOU created!!!" He sprang forward bringing up his sword in a vertical slash.
" You still have so much to learn." Mariana said as she dissolved into a thick red mist and reappeared behind William. " You have killed so many innocents. This village is not your own private little snack bar you can't just kill people openly, you jeopardize the coven and our entire race." She dodged to the side as William's blade came with in inches of her black leather corset.
" You are a fool Mariana, humans are nothing more then cattle compared to us, why do we fear revealing our selves to them?" he fired the handgun but once again she misted and the bullet passed harmlessly through the crimson fog.
"This is your last chance, submit yourself to the councils will and return to the coven for judgment." She said drawing two silver daggers from the black leather spiked belt she wore loosely around her waist.
William smiled again and cast her a sinister look " Only god can judge me, but why am I wasting my breath on you it will not matter when you are dust!!!" he lashed out with his sword.
The cold clang of metal rang through the disserted village as Mariana blocked his strike by crossing her daggers in a scissor like parry, as she caught his sword she kicked out with her left leg and hit him in the side.

"THAT WAS A CHEAP SHOT!!!!" William roared in rage as he fired his pistol at her face. She misted and came up behind him placing her dagger to his throat.
" Give up William you are to young, you can't even mist yet." She said, " I do not want to kill you, you are my child." She kissed him on the forehead.
" You are a sentimental fool!!" William roared in rage as he fought to get out of her grip. He flipped forward avoiding her daggers and sprang backwards kicking her in the chest. Marianna gasped as his heavy combat boots connected with her chest.
"Age has nothing to do with this battle Marianna, this fight is all about skill." William chuckled glibly. He picked up his sword and brought it up so that he could jab at her rapidly, this move was Williams's signature and he affectionately called it the scorpion.
Marianna charged forward and William began thrusting forward at impossibly fast speeds. His arm was a blur of fury and cold steel. Marianna back flipped over William so that she faced his back and she lashed out with her daggers. One of the silver blades flew through empty space but the other effectively sliced into William's side grazing a rib. The searing pain of the dagger made William stumble but he quickly regained his balance. He turned and fired his pistol at Mariana, she misted but not quickly enough the bullet sunk deep into her shoulder the silver horrible burning her as the bullet blew through her back.
She collapsed to the ground her arm gushing torrents of blood. " Damn you to the nine hells William Dennett." She cursed.
"Now, Now Mariana what where you expecting? I have fought my own kind for more then a century now, and I have become exceptionally good at it." He placed a booted foot on her chest and pointed the barrel at her face. " I know this has been done to death and it seems almost a cliché, but I must ask, do you have any last requests."
Mariana spat on his shiny combat boots " My sweet, sweet Mariana defiant until the end, and believe me my dear this is the END." He squeezed the trigger and fired the remainder of the clip into Mariana's skull covering his boots with blood and gore. William knelt down and wiped a finger across the blooded corpse. He pulled back his finger and sucked the dark crimson fluid off it. "As you where in life my dear Mariana you are in death, sweet, with a tart after taste of lust for power and revenge." The woman William had feed upon was starting to awaken; it was time for William to claim his prize.

The Dark Couple
Feona shivered against the unnatural chill that permeated the crypt. her intere body felt cold, and worse still she could not feel the beating of her heart. "Mother? Father?" she called out into the dark tomb.
"They are not here my child, nor will you ever see them again."