The Dark Couple
Feona shivered against the unnatural chill that permeated the crypt. Her entire body felt cold, and worse still she could not feel the beating of her heart. "Mother? Father?" she called out into the dark tomb.
"They are not here my child, nor will you ever see them again."
Feona gasped at the silence so suddenly broken " Who, who are you?" she mumbled
" I am merely a guide to the weak of heart." A voice called from above her, Feona looked up and screamed a man dressed in black clothing was crawling like a spider on the ceiling of the crypt. Feona fan toward the other side of the room, she crawled behind a sarcophagus and pulled her knees up to her chest weeping.
The man stood upright on the chilling and walked over to where she stood so that he hung just above her head. He reached out and caressed her face, wiping tears from her eyes.
"Do not cry my dear, it is not becoming." He whispered softly into her ear
She shuddered and tried to smack him but he caught her hand kissing it gently. "Don't touch me you monster!!!" She screamed pulling back her hand. The man chuckled and dropped down to the floor landing on his feet. He grabbed her and pulled her up. Feona struggled against his grasp but she was no match for his strength. She beak against his chest with her fists but he just laughed at her. He moved and dragged her towards a mirror in the corner of the crypt. When she came to stand before the mirror she screamed yet again, she had no reflection and neither did he, she shut her eyes, shut out the truth.
"So I am the monster am I?" The man laughed mockingly "gaze into the looking glass see what you have become." He forced her head up and pulled open her eyelids, " You are mine now we are bound by blood and we will be together forever. He spun her around and claimed her lips in a fierce kiss.

Despite herself Feona found that she enjoyed the kiss, she opened her mouth and kissed him back, his mouth tasted of copper. She broke the kiss and stared into his icy blue eyes " Who are you?" she asked again not is shock or fear but in genuine curiosity. "I am William Dennett, you may call me Will, or master which ever you prefer." He said kissing her again.