Title: Unexpectations Summary: A tomboy unexpectedly falls for one of her most-hated guy friends, and gives herself a makeover. But will her efforts be worth it?

Chapter 1:

Elissa ran through her black cropped hair nervously. They were saturated with sweat from the basketball game. It was in the school's gym. She watched her teammate, Zach, dribbling the ball, stalling for time. He was completely ambushed by the opponent. She knew she had to get to him some how!

Although she was a girl, what she lacked in strength, she made up for speed and agility. If she could just zip through the other boys. Elissa made eye contact with Zach, and he understood her plan.

But Kevin caught the brief exchange between the two. He dashed ahead of Elissa and suddenly, WHAM! They crashed.

"HOLY SHIT!" She yelled before she fell. Her head fell on the parquet with a thud. Suddenly, she saw Kevin falling onto her. "EEEEEEEKKS!!! NO!!" Elissa held up both hands in front of her in defense, flinching.

"Woah!" Kevin yelled, as he fell right on top of Elissa, "Man! What's your problem..." Suddenly, he noticed how close their bodies were to each other, only separated by her hands. Even so, they were almost touching.

Elissa felt Kevin's muscular abs under his white tank top. Oh gawd.this is embarrassing. He was panting, with his rugged auburn hair falling down his forehead. She hated that. It just made him look even cuter.

His flaming amber eyes locked in on hers. She unconsciously drew in a sharp breath, her heart pounding like crazy.


"Hey guys! Are you okay? Or are you gonna stay like that forever?" Ryan and Zach called out. Their friends laughed..

Elissa blushed. Jeez! Stop heating up! She chided herself.

"Get off me, Kev." She said hotly, pushing Kevin off her.

"Okay, okay. You don't need to get so physical." He winked, standing up.

"Shut up," Elissa rolled her eyes and got up. She hated it when he got so flirtatious. I mean - flirting with your buddy!? What an arrogant asshole.

"Yeah, we're fine." Kevin grinned, lighting up his handsome face. "Elissa?" He turned towards her. "Elissa? Hello!" Kevin snapped his fingers in front of her.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." She replied blithely, striding over to her bag on the bench.

"Alright! That's a wrap guys, I think we'd better stop here, to prevent any more ahem, accidents from happening." Ryan announced, smiling, "Back to the dorms!"

There were a few murmurs of protest as the team collected their belongings and traipsed back to their rooms.

As Elissa slung a towel over her neck, she felt someone's hot breath beside her ear. It was Kevin's.

"Hey, if I were you, I'd have ran to the toilet by now." Then, he whooshed past her, chuckling.

Elissa's heart skipped a beat. What did he mean? Run to the toilet? Suddenly, she felt a wetness down there. Panicking, she turned her head back to look down her shorts. There, quite innocently, was a red stain absorbed by the blue material.

Slowly, she felt her face heating up again. "ARGH!!! KEVIN TYLER!!!" She hollered to the empty gym. He always knew how to get to her. He embarrassed her - TWICE! In one day! And she still couldn't forget that incident when he humiliated her in front of the whole school, on her first day!

Flashback: 1 year ago

It was going to rain. The sky was gloomy as lightning flashed randomly and battalions of grey clouds gathered together. The wind blew strong and cold, whistling through the trees.

Elissa struggled to hold her books as she cut across the courtyard to her classroom. Someone had told her earlier that it was a short cut to Geography class. She hoped it was right.

Other students were also running across, sloshing on the wet grass. She hurried on her way, her long black hair flapping behind her.

Elissa had some trouble holding down her skirt. Curses! She just HAD to wear one. The wind whipped behind her, threatening to blow it up.

Suddenly, she caught sight of a tall figure, Kevin Tyler, in front, one of the hottest seniors in school. He was clutching his polaroid camera, while shoving his best friend beside him jokingly. Kevin had been snooping around school snapping candid pictures for the school's newsletter.

The wind ruffled his soft auburn hair, and he tried to press it down with his hand. All this time - Elissa was just gazing at him, eyes glazing over. Oh, If only he knew her name! Perhaps they would go out together some time.

Just then, he saw her. His fiery amber eyes captivated her, as they did for every girl in this boarding school. Elissa blushed and looked down.

Suddenly, the wind streaked under her legs, but as Elissa's hand had loosened her hold on her skirt, it flared up, revealing her pink undies and slim thighs. She screamed. She saw a flash a light.

The boys halted in their tracks and cocked one eyebrow up, wolf whistling at her. Elissa felt her whole face burning up, she was so embarrassed!!! She wanted to get away from this sickening crowd, she just wanted to evaporate into thin air.

She lowered her head, rushing blindly forward. Then, she bumped into a lanky, muscular figure.

"Hey, what's the rush?" A smooth voice stopped her.

She lifted her head, finding herself looking at Kevin Tyler's face in horror.

"I got your picture here. Don't worry, I won't tell nobody." He waved the underdeveloped picture of her obscene event in front of her face playfully.

Immediately, her face swelled in red with anger and embarrassment.

"Get away from me! I never want to see you again!" She pushed Kevin's hand away and ran up the stairs, hot tears staining her cheeks.

A week later, the school newsletter was out. Her picture was on the front page, her face just slightly blurred, but recognizable. Elissa threw away her copy with disgust. She hated Kevin Tyler. She hated being a girl.

From then on, Elissa cut her hair, changed her look, befriendedthe boys and treated Kevin like hell.

End of flashback

Elissa stalked back angrily to her room, slamming her door. Her roommate, Sarah, wasn't back yet.

Kevin Tyler always irked her. She would never like him. How could ANY girl like him?

But the irony was, every girl aspired to be his girlfriend.

She threw down her backpack and flopped on the bed. Did he even remember that incident? She guessed not.

Just as she was about to bathe, there was a knock on the door.

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