Have you ever considered this
This search for immortality
Makes you mortal, endlessly
I've finished everything
And you say you want to die
So that you can live for now


Yeah you can live for now (Forever)
(x a few)


Do you ever think of me?
The times that I held your hand
The time that I played in your band
I'm done with everything
But you still want to die
So you can live forever

For now...

Yeah you can live forever (for now)
(x a few)


I wonder where you've gone
Since you last were going far
No, you'll never be a star
You're done with everyone
(bass + muted guitar come in)
If you don't want to die
How can you even live

At all? (everything back in full)

How can you even live (at all?)
(x a few)

No-one's ever gonna take your place (at all)
Because you're not going anywhere (for now)
No you're still standing there (forever)
Thinking of what could have been (but you live and you live again...)