Did you ever read the same books that I read?
Did you ever see the meaning of what I said?
I am not the one that you want to hold
You are not the one standing in the cold.
I have missed this chance
So I'll wait for the next one

Were you ever as convinced as I have been?
Did you ever feel the need to vent your spleen?
Everybody takes a bite, but it's too late
Everybody wants a head on a plate
I have failed again
So I'll hope for a miracle

Could you ever be the one you want to be?
Have you ever felt as self-assured as me?
When it all gets too much, you have to stop
You have to realise that one day, you'll reach the top
And when things look grey
I switch on the light

If you find yourself alone, it's not all bad
Think of all the experience that you have had
Life is crashing down around you, once more
The thing about failure is that it's such a bore
When the end is near
I must begin again