Sky Painter

i streak my brush across the sky,
with its acrylic shades
of bubblegum.
chemical paints don't last forever.

sky canvas, be my easel;
ease my pain.
let me let out my angst
in colour, and
do you see?

angry thunder clouds;
thunder booms out
my tantrum;
running across the sky racing
with the lightning
pitchforking fluorescent slashes
or scratches
across the imperfect grey.

mood swing;
happy ecstasy!
exuberant smiley faces
hopping, bouncing, dancing tiptoe, leaping
from cloud to cloud;
look out!
don't lose your balance now, or
you lose!
hop-skipping, leap-frogging; splash
a full bucket of cerulean azure
sapphire happiness across
the sky to make my
contemporary art.

weary yawns and half-closed
eyes, satisfaction fulfilled for
the day and rest, pack up
the paints, put them away, but
wait - one last task.

finishing touch for the royal blue;
flecks of gold for the
gods to play connect-the-dots and form
the constellations.
Orion he watches over us while
dancing with the moon.

tomorrow I shall recycle;
and repaint
my masterpiece.

-kismet. 24th october 2004