As he walked on by, my heart stopped, shuddered, and melted. He was with all his friends, and he was laughing, he did that often. Never could stop smiling, never could lie, not to me anyways. Maybe he could over phone, or maybe even email, but never... ever, could he lie to my face. He is the most honest man I've ever met, and he respected my feelings, as if they were bubbles, going to burst in the wind and rain. He treated me like an induvidual, rather than a skanky blond. He drove me to sheer madness, to the point that I considered cutting. Reality brought me back, told me what to do. So I write this to him, and to him alone. ~:~:~:~
You showed me what it was like to love, so much it hurts. You showed me what it was like to be crazy, and feel loved by people that always did love me. You made me more humble about life, and the chapters it contains. You showed me what to do when my heart got lost, and I did not know which way to choose. You showed me that life, mixed with love, was all I'd ever need. ~:~:~:~
Not only did you show me what insaneity was, but how love defines us all. How I can love you on the inside, rather than on the outside. Though I get told that there is nothing there to love, I know what lies beneath the skin, and that is what I truely love about you. You are who you want to be, and won't change for me, or anyone else. ~:~:~:~
I love you for you, and would do anything to see you feel the same. I would die for you, just to show you the power of my love. Go to the top of the tallest mountain, just to scream your name. I would give you the sun, and moon, just to show you that they're light is not as bright as the one I hold inside. I would rope down all the stars, so that every last wish would be yours. Catch a firefly just to show you that there is noting more beautiful than it flying a dark room. I would face every last fear of my own, conquor each one, then take your own, so that then you would see, it's okay to love me. I would do all this and more, if only to be your girl.