A/N: This is my reply to hakubaikou's "Lost Angel". I guess I just wanted to say something about it. This was also my review. ^^x

Lost Angel
by battousai_24

Lost Angel, lonely and fallen
In your eyes, I see tears unshed
Let go of your fears, let yourself fall
Let the tears be shed, oh broken one
No one and nothing will hurt you
The wind will break your fall

Let the tears shine under the moonlight
Let the diamonds flow from your eyes
For in your heart, I see wounds unhealed
There is nothing to worry
No one and nothing will hurt you
For your wings will break you fall

Let not the pain overcome you
For I know you can withstand it
You may have lost your way
But you will surely find it
The other Angels may not notice you
But surely the Forsaken have
Let them guide you through Hell
Let them ease all your pain

Let them take away all your sorrows
Let them bring it upon themselves instead
For the Forsaken are forsaken
Let them have your pain instead

So cry your tears, beloved one
Your pain will surely cease
You will find your way somehow, someday
But until then,
Let the stars, let the rain
(For they will surely break your fall)
Guide you... to find your way.