Would We?

As your eyes deeply gaze into mine

Clashing fire and ice collide

Melting the shackles of guilt within my heart

Subsiding the hatred and pain seared into your soul.

Our hands now reach out and touch

Not only our bodies, but also our hearts and minds

We now embrace each other until the sun sets

Both wishing for this moment to never end.

Tonight, the demons within catch up on me

Dragging me back into the endless abyss

Pulling me back into this self-created void

Making me beg release and scream your name

Yet something in your soulful eyes tell me

Salvation awaits at the end of my self-created void

That part of you that placates my innermost being

Is also the very thing that scares my soul to retreat.

Should you still reach out to save me

Even though I exist to pull you in, too?

Would I still elicit your passionate glance

Once you uncover and see who I really am?

Alas, our lips touch and lock

And a comforting embrace follows

Pacifying my troubled soul

Waking up your sleeping heart.

Now, let this precious moment between us

Sink within the core of our minds and hearts

Let this night...our first of many, or our first and last

Be our gift to each other before time slips away too fast.

With kisses and caresses guiding us

Making us forget who we really are

Tonight, I trust your heart to guide my soul

For I know that with your love, I could be made whole.

Would you always feel the same about me?

Is the gamble worth its weight in gold?

Now, my love, I ask you

Should we, would we?