A/N: This is a friend-fiction. If you are not a real-life friend of mine, NONE of this will make sense to you. You have been warned. Read at your own discretion.

Chapter 1

It was a dark, rainy morning at Diamond Ranch High School. Wearing her hooded waterproof sweatshirt, Tracy quickly walks up the stairs to the main campus. There was barely a soul around as she made her way towards the Information Resource Center, otherwise known simply as the library. She didn't have a first period class like her other friends so she had spent the empty hour catching extra sleep. She looks down at her watch and saw there was about two minutes until her second period class began. She decides to sit down on a nearby dry bench and wait for the second period starting bell to ring. Through the blur of the falling rain, Tracy notices a hooded figure dressed in black. She figured it was a student and thought nothing more of it. Just then, the bell rang and Tracy steps lightly to her class.

Tracy was always the first to the classroom, mainly because she didn't have a first period class to come late from. Taking her seat at the front, she pulls off her hood and watches the rest of her classmates saunter through the door. Among them were her friends Stephanie, Lawrence, Tiffany, and Priscilla. There were others she recognized but she only saw them merely as fellow schoolmates and nothing more.

Her friends took their seats around hers with Tiffany at her right, Priscilla on her left, and Stephanie seated behind her. Lawrence sat away from the group of girls about three seats away; apparently feeling awkward to sit in a group of girls. As soon as the bell rang to initiate the start of class the teacher, Ms. Morrison, walks up to the front to project the daily warm-ups on the overhead. While everyone works diligently on the warm-ups, the rain outside began to fall harder and harder. Suddenly, a flash of lightening followed by thunder. The lights in the classroom began flickering and eventually went out. The room slightly darkened with the lack of adequate lighting and with the overhead off the students stopped working and starting chattering amongst themselves.

"People, people," called out Ms. Morrison, trying to hush the class. "Please stay put while I call the custodian about the power."

While Ms. Morrison got on the classroom phone, Tracy turned around in her seat to face Stephanie.

"Hello," she chirps merrily.

"Hello," replied Stephanie.

"Are you scared of the dark?" asked Tracy with a tone of sarcastic fear.

"What," exclaimed Stephanie with a look of sarcastic shock. "Are you crazy woman? Me? Scared?"

"Maaay-be," bantered Tracy with a grin.

"I'm scared," said Tiffany nonchalantly with a smile.

"Me too," added Priscilla, suppressing her giddy laughter.

"Wow," exclaimed Stephanie with stoic amazement as she scanned the somewhat darkened classroom. "This classroom is pretty dark."

"Not really," responded Tracy pointing out the huge windows. "With two walls of glass, I highly doubt this room can get any dark in the daytime."

"Ooooh-OOOH-Oooh," whooed Priscilla. "Scaaarry."

Tiffany giggled at Priss' outburst of feigned fear.

Ms. Morrison had gotten off the phone and now faces the class with a look of artificial bravery.

"The custodian is currently working to restore the power," she declared. "Until then, I guess all of you can just sit and chatter about since we do need the overhead to work in order to continue today's warm-up."

At the notion of a free period, Lawrence took out his binder and began drawing on a piece of paper. Tracy, Stephanie, Priscilla, and Tiffany went busy trying to find something to do. Tracy suggested a game of Big Two and whipped out her playing cards for the occasion. Suddenly, she had a familiar sensation in her bowels and raised her hand.

"Yes, Trang?" spoke Ms. Morrison.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" asked Tracy.

"Write out a pass so I can sign it," sighed Ms. Morrison.

With a pass written and signed, Tracy sped out of the classroom towards the girls' restroom. While she was gone, Tiffany, Stephanie, and Priss began a game of Big Two. Ten minutes later, Tracy returns to tell the teacher that the bathrooms nearby were locked.

"Well, go to the restrooms at Building E," exasperated Ms. Morrison with annoyance.

At that time, the rain outside had begun to come down even harder. Tracy heard the hardened pitter patter on the windows and became worried that she would get soaked to the bone, despite her waterproof sweatshirt. She walks over to Lawrence and asks for his umbrella. After she thanks him, she sped once again out of the classroom and into the pouring rain outside. Meanwhile, Tiffany, Stephanie, and Priss have all become quite bored after playing ten straight games of Big Two and have begun to spend whatever time they had left trying to find things to do: Priscilla has decided to sit in her seat and stared blankly ahead; Stephanie took out a piece of paper and started sketching; Tiffany decided to do some homework from her previous class; and Lawrence had fallen asleep after finishing his drawing. Suddenly, the PA came on and the principal made an announcement.

"Boys and girls," she began. "Due to the power outage every student must remain in their second period class until further notice. I repeat, do not go to your other classes at the sound of the bell. Remain in your SECOND period class."

The PA turned off and the students groaned in annoyance at the announcement.

"What," exclaimed Priscilla with a laugh. "I don't wanna stay in this class with you losers!"

Stephanie and Tiffany giggled out loud at Priss' response to the announcement. Suddenly, the entire class spots something running outside and disappear. Instantly, they all shivered in fear.

"What was THAT?" whispered Priss eerily.

"I don't know," Stephanie whispered back.

"Ms. Morrison," asked Tiffany as she raised her hand. "What was that?"

"I have no idea," she replied.

Ms. Morrison looked even more frightened than the kids and the tone of fear in her voice didn't help to ease the students' minds. Lawrence woke up from his little nap to discover fear in everyone's eyes; he didn't know what had happened while he was asleep.

Then, a flash of lightening and the class sees a silhouette of a dark figure outside of the classroom door with what appeared to be a hook on its right hand!

"Oh my gosh!" cried out one of the girls. "It's the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer!"

"Somebody do something!" cried out another girl.

"Let's jump him!" spoke up one of the boys.

Agreed, all of the boys in the class, including Lawrence, huddled around the door.

"Okay," explained one of them. "We'll jump when I say go. Got it?"

Every one of them nods in agreement.

Just then, the handle turned and the figure began entering the classroom. When the figure had come through the door, all of the boys pounced and dog-piles the fiend. The girls, including Ms. Morrison, all cheered until the figure yelled out in a very familiar voice.


They all stopped what they were doing and looked down at the figure, which was still being held down by the sheer weight of the boys.

"Tracy?" asked Stephanie.


The boys got off of Tracy one by one until she was completely free. She got up, smooth out her now wrinkled sweatshirt, and looks up with an angry glare in her eyes.

"What the hell was THAT all about?" she demanded.

"We thought you were the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer," explained one of the girls.

"Killer?" exclaimed Tracy. "Since when was there a killer on campus?"

"Well, you did have a hook for a right hand," replied Priss.

Tracy held up the umbrella Lawrence lent her, which displays the hook that they'd mistaken for her hand.

"You mean this?" she asked, and then turn to Lawrence. "Thanks for the umbrella, Lawrence."

"Um, you're welcome," he replied with embarrassment for being part of the dog-piling.

"So, there's no killer?" asked Tiffany.

"No, Tiffany, there is no killer," assured Stephanie with a pat.

"Sorry to disappoint you all," responded Tracy sarcastically.

"Whew," sighed Ms. Morrison. "I'm glad that's all cleared up."

Suddenly, a flash of lightening and the class saw a figure running outside once again.

"AAAHHH!" they all screamed. "It's the killer!"

"Waaaiiit a second here," exclaimed Tracy. "First of all, did anyone get killed here?"

"No," replied one of the girls.

"So why are you guys calling whatever it was outside a killer?" asked Tracy, raising an eyebrow. "It could be one of the custodian people working on the power lines, you know."

"I never really thought of that," articulated Ms. Morrison.

Just then, the lights came back on and the classroom was illuminated again. But instead of a cheer, there was a scream from some of the girls.


"What is it?" asked Stephanie.

The class looked to the opposite wall and found the words "You will all die!" written on the wall with blood. Underneath the writing was the dead body of one of the girls, the source of the red substance.

"Wow, that's a lot of blood," exclaimed Lawrence nonchalantly with eyes wide with surprise.

"Oh my God!" screamed out one of the screaming girls. "There's a killer on the loose!!"

"It's probably an escaped convict who's got nothing better to do than to freak out high schoolers," scoffed Tracy. "I'll take care of this."

She walks over to her schoolbag and takes out two twin kodachis.

"What the heck are you doing coming to school with weapons?" asked Priss.

"Oh, these aren't weapons," responded Tracy. "These are my letter openers. I have a lot of unopened mail and was planning to read them during lunch."

"That's so… sad," discoursed Steph.

"Yes, I know," said Tracy, hanging her head in shame. "But at least we've got some defense against this so-called killer."

With that, she quickly ran out of the room, eager to take down the killer with ease.

"Trang, come back!" yelled out Ms. Morrison. "During school hours, you kids are the teachers' responsibility!"

But it was too late. Tracy was long gone.

"You kids stay here," commanded Ms. Morrison. "I'll go after her."

As expected, there was no opposition. Confident that none of the students will disobey her, Ms. Morrison disappears through the door. Once she was gone, the class huddle together with their belongings at the wall opposite the bloody message. Unbeknownst to them, four of their fellow classmates have snuck out through the back door.

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