The morning light shines in my face
I do nothing but welcome that sweet embrace
Because my baby night did not welcome me in his arms
And his hands that stroked my face were alarms
So I could protect myself from the lightning in the day

And I hated the way me looked at me
And I hated the way he spoke to me
More abusive then the way he slapped me
Only days before he left me
With clouds my only blankets to keep me warm

How can I stand this abuse?
With arguing no use
I cannot live with out the night
Because without my nocturnal grace nothing is right
Since I spend my life waiting for the moon to rise again

My narcotic wishes never offer compromise
As my addiction feeds my demise
He forces me to the ground
He throws pellets of moonlight down my throat
But it is I who swallow

My chains that bind me to my love
Are nothing more than I can prove
My only consent is never to move
From the gaze of the deity moon above.