~Love and other moments are just

~Chemical reactions in your brain

~In your brain...

She blinked back tears again, while clutching the pillow to her body. The empty glow of her alarm clock revealed the late hour, and she passed another sleepless night. It wasn't supposed to end up like this…

~And feelings of aggression are the

~Absence of the love drug in your veins

~In your veins...

The one person she thought she could count on, the one entity who seemed to aways be there, was the one thing she wanted furthest from her.

And why?

Who could understand… it was so complicated. Where did she go wrong? Even God couldn't tell her.

~Love come quickly

~Cause I feel my self-esteem is caving in

~It's on the brink

In the end it was all her fault anyway. Everything always was. It was her decision, and so what could she do about it? She was the failure, she was the problem, she always be. What was there to give in to? And there was no one to turn to on that cold and lonely October night.

~Love come quickly

~Cause I don't think I can keep this monster in

~It's in my skin

Everyone would be better off if she'd never existed. So many people had their hearts broken by her selfish actions. The sight of blood and gleam of the knife become hauntingly clear in her mind as tears trace tiny rivulets down her cheeks. There's no one left… she couldn't change it. She refused to change it! Because unhappiness is always worth foolish pride… isn't it?

~I'm gunning down romance

~It never did a thing for me

~But heartache and misery

~Ain't nothing but a tragedy

Where was there to go anymore? There's no point to anything. What went wrong? We never meant for it to turn out like this.
And all she left was a tear stained pillow and the soul she'd touched… His heart now asking those same questions.

~Love don't leave me

~Take these broken wings