"Oh, life it seems a struggle between what we think what we see" --DMB; "Seek Up"

Well well, I say
What have we got in this place?
What have we been fighting for
So long, so long
Please don't tell me we were wrong

Can't help you anymore
Can't tell you what you were fighting for
Just know this whole world is a mess
What on earth did we do?
Drove you from me and me from you

I wonder each day
If you were here what would you say
I was dreaming I might see you again
Now shall I never see your face?
Oh how did we bring about this disgrace?

What is to hope for
When I can't show up at your door
If I can't share this life with you
I'm still asking my mind
What did we do to leave each other behind?

It's crazy now
We both want to go back
But we don't know how
Alone for a while to ponder our ways
Will we be friends in future days?

In my dreams I still see your eyes
So beautiful they are against clear blue skies
Touch your hand
I need you again
A year from now can I still call you my friend?